Why is Travis Barker’s son Landon facing backlash over a comment on sister Alabama’s post?

Kourtney Khloe and Travis Barker are very in love and happy with their lives. The former’s fans have been shaming Landon, her son, for making an inappropriate comment about her sister’s photo.

Alabama, Travis’ younger daughter, is being targeted once more after she posted a scandalous photo on her social media account. The 17-year-old shared photos of herself on Sunday enjoying a sunny pull day. Netizens responded with questions.

Why is Travis Barker's son Landon facing backlash over a comment on sister Alabama's post?
Why is Travis Barker’s son Landon facing backlash over a comment on sister Alabama’s post?

Travis Barker’s children are targeted by netizens

The picture shows Alabama Barker soaking in the sun in her swimwear. She captioned the photo, ‘I see your mind in mine’, and her brother Landon replied, “Do you?” which shocked the netizens.

It was impossible to determine if the comment was a question or statement because there was no punctuation mark. Netizens began slamming Landon, 19, for his comment. One user commented, “Strange comment, but okay,” while another user commented, “Totally creepy weird”, and a third user wrote: “I wouldn’t comment upon my sister’s post of her a** out.”

Netizens ask Travis and Kourtney questions

Travis Barker shares his daughters Alabama, Atiana, and Landon with his ex-wife Shanna. Kourtney lives with Scott Disick, her ex-husband, and her three children Mason, 12, Penelope (10), and Reign (8). Travis and Kourtney were married in Las Vegas on April 20, 2022. They are now enjoying their new lives together.

Now, netizens are slamming Travis and Kourtney for not setting strict rules for their daughter. One user commented, “It’s so gritty, has Travis liked it? And have you commented in appropriate ways?” Sheesh! Another user said, “This makes me sick.” This is only because her family and friends encourage her to do this, and her parents don’t protect her. They know exactly what type of sick f**ks will be looking for this kind of material.

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