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What’s With The BTS Tour To America!

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The craze of K-pop bands has its charm worldwide, especially the seven-member boy band BTS. Photos and videos went viral every minute as they proudly visited The White House and had tea with the President, Joe Biden.

Fans were surprised by their visit to the President, but they found spending time with their fellow singers more astonishing.

The photos, which went viral on Instagram, clearly showed the K-pop band wrapping up their tour, dining at an Italian restaurant in Washington DC, where the leader of the band RM was seen sitting next to the Coldplay singer, Chris Martin.

What's With The BTS Tour To America!
What’s With The BTS Tour To America!

“Yeah, that’s Chris Martin from Coldplay. But Joon is looking cutie,” a Twitter user said in the caption of her post. Several comments like this were posted as the fans couldn’t control their excitement!

For the reference,

BTS visited the USA to meet with the President about serious issues such as the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination in the US. A video for the same was released on the President’s official account on Twitter as he “looked to sharing more of their conversation soon.”

BTS’ floppy hairs were also the topic during the meeting, while The White House praised the stylish members as “young ambassadors who spread a message of positivity and hope across the world.”

BTS – A band that is constantly criticized by others for wearing earrings and lipsticks. Ignoring all the hateful comments and focusing on their career has inspired the young generation and taught them about gender diversity!

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