What is QUAD: Why China is afraid of Quad, what is Quad and when was it established

What is QUAD India is chairing the Quad countries. Foreign Ministers of Quad countries are meeting in Delhi under the leadership of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. The meeting was attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, and Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong. Although the Quad meeting is being held in Delhi, China is worried about it the most. Come, let’s know why it is so and what is quad, and why it was needed.

What is quad

Quad is a group of security dialogue between four countries. Quad stands for Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. It has four member countries India, America, Australia, and Japan. All these countries have come together on the common interests of maritime security and trade. China has always been an opponent of this group because it is believed that it has been formed given China’s wrong intentions. However, the Quad countries say that this group is only to protect the common interests of the Indo-Pacific region.

When and how was the quad established?

The story of the establishment of Quad is almost 20 years old. Although the quad came into existence in 2017, it started in 2004 during the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean. This tsunami damaged many countries including India and at the same time India, America, Japan, and Australia came together. This group, known as the Tsunami Corps Group, played an important role in relief and rescue operations. However, this group disbanded after the objective was met.

What is QUAD: Why China is afraid of Quad, what is Quad and when was it established
What is QUAD: Why China is afraid of Quad, what is Quad and when was it established

The first idea to make the quad was given by Japan. In 2007, the then PM of Japan Shinzo Abe took the initiative but due to a lack of support from Australia, the alliance could not be formed. In 2017, given the increasing activities of China in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia also changed its mind and the Quad came into existence.

This is the timeline for the formation of the quad

Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 marked the beginning of the coming together of the four Quad countries.

In 2007, Japan put forth the idea of forming the Quad. China and Russia strongly opposed it.

The Quad was formed in 2017 after Australia agreed.

For the first time in 2019, the foreign ministers of the Quad countries met in New York.

Foreign ministers met for the second time in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2020, the navies of the four countries participated in joint exercises.

For the first time in 2021, the Quad countries held a video conference.

Quad summit to be held in Tokyo in 2022.

The next Quad summit will be held in Australia in 2023.


What is QUAD: Why China is afraid of Quad, what is Quad and when was it established
What is QUAD: Why China is afraid of Quad, what is Quad and when was it established

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China calls Quad ‘Asian NATO’

Everyone is aware of China’s expansionist policy. China also wants its supremacy in the Indian Pacific region and the Quad is seen as a counter to this. China has always been furious over US interference in the Indo-Pacific region and describes the group as the Asian NATO. Let us tell you that seeing the aggression of China, like-minded countries have come together.

China is afraid of this thing

China initially did not consider the unification of the Quad countries to be a big deal and felt that all these countries would never be able to come together. As soon as the quad was formed, this misunderstanding of China was also dispelled. The four countries are working on the common problems of the countries of the Indian Pacific region. Whether it is climate change or any other problem, the Quad is working on it. Seeing this, China is upset. Now China is afraid that if the Quad countries overcome these problems, then it will be left behind in the Indo-Pacific region.

What is the benefit of Quad to India?

Being a part of the Quad is a very beneficial deal for India. Ever since India became a part of the Quad, it has changed many of its policies and this has increased investment in the country and created new employment opportunities. By joining the Quad, India can participate in joint military exercises and can also improve cyber security.

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