Urfi javed again shocked everyone with her fashion, now she was seen wearing such a dress…

Urfi Javed again shocked everyone with her fashion – TV’s boldest actress Urfi Javed blows people’s senses with her unique style.

In a new video, Urfi Javed is spreading her beauty with a strange style in a bold look. Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed Instagram) covers her body with only pieces of two broken hearts in this video.

Seeing the new style of Urfi Javed’s new dress, her fans have been forced to bite their nails.

Again seen without clothes

A new video has been posted on Instagram by Urfi Javed TV Show. In the new video, without a top or bra, Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed New Look) is just wearing a red-glowing heart made of the thermocouple.


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Urfi Javed is also carrying black pants in her new look in the viral video, which she catches again and again in the video.

As far as Urfi Javed’s boyfriend’s hairstyle is concerned, she has tied her pink hair in a ponytail. A little late for Valentine’s Day, Urfi Javed has also written a caption for the video. Oh my god! I wanted to wear it on valentine’s day

This time also looked different

This is how Urfi Javed Family started her career as a TV actress. Apart from Urfi Atrangi Fashion, she has also appeared in many TV serials.

It is not uncommon for Urfi Javed trolls to make their colorful costumes using newspapers, clothes dryers, or safety pins.

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