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Twitter Has Been Punished $150 Million In The United States For Supplying User Data:

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Twitter was penalized $150 million in the United States for exploiting user data. Shiona McCallum is a technological journalist for the Associated Press.

When law enforcement officials claimed Twitter unlawfully utilized users’ data that could help trade-specific target adverts, the company was fined $150 million (£119 million) in the United States.

According to court records, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice claim that Twitter broke a contract with regulatory agencies.

Twitter has previously stated that it would not provide marketers with private details such as addresses and phone numbers.

According to federal authorities, the media company violated the rules.

In December 2020, Twitter was penalized £400,000 for violating the GDPR data security standards in Europe.

Twitter is charged with violating a 2011 FTC injunction prohibiting the corporation from distorting its confidentiality procedures.

Check out below:

Advertisement on Twitter’s platform, which lets people varying from customers to superstars to businesses to publish word count messages, or tweets, provides the bulk of the company’s revenue.

Twitter started requesting users for phone calls or emails in 2013 to strengthen security measures, as per a case filed by the Department of Justice on the FTC.

Twitter Has Been Punished $150 Million In The United States For Supplying User Data:

“Because as lawsuit states, Twitter gathered user data under the idea about using it for security reasons, but subsequently used the data to identify potential consumers,” said FTC chair Lina Khan.

“This behavior impacted over 140 million people on Twitter while increasing Twitter’s principal stream of revenue.”


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“Yet again, Twitter is breaking the confidence their clients have in their service by utilizing their data because of their benefit and raising their profit,” Ian Reynolds, chief executive of cyber security company Secure Team, says.

“Twitter misled their users together into a false sense of stability by gathering their data under cover of safety and identity protection, but later exploiting the data to identify their clients with adverts,” he continued.

“This fact demonstrates the power that corporations still wield over your privacy. There is still a long journey until people can feel confident in their ability to control their online trail effectively.”

Twitter needs users to submit a mobile number and an email address to confirm their account.

People can use this data to change their passwords, recover their profiles if necessary, and enable two-factor verification.

Twitter Has Been Punished $150 Million In The United States For Supplying User Data:
Twitter Has Been Punished $150 Million In The United States For Supplying User Data:

Two-factor verification adds a layer of security by delivering a passcode to an email or phone number and login details to allow users to connect to Twitter.

As per the FTC, Twitter has been using the data to improve its advertising network until September 2019.

Marketers are criticized for having insight into consumers’ sensitive data.

In addition to the monetary penalty, Twitter must:

•discontinue utilizing the mobile number and email data it fraudulently acquired

•alert consumers of its inappropriate usage of different sensitive data

•describe how and where to switch off customized ads and examine multi-factor verification setups to tell consumers further about FTC

•law regulatory action gives choices for multi-factor verification that doesn’t require a contact number

•establish a more substantial confidentiality program that involves notifying the FTC of occurrences within 30 days.

Vanita Gupta, the US associate attorney general, stated, “The Justice dept is dedicated to preserving the confidentiality of customers’ personal information.”

“The recommended settlement’s $150 million fine recognizes the severity of the charges against Twitter. The significant additional resilience framework that would be enforced as a recommendation for future agreement shall help avoid deceptive techniques that endanger users’ personal information.”

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