Tunisha’s lawyer accuses Sheejan of murder, hearing adjourned till January 11

After the death of Tunisha Sharma, the troubles of the arrested actor Sheejan Khan are not taking the name of reducing. Recently, the hearing on Sheejan’s bail application was adjourned. A hearing was held on this matter today, after which the next hearing was postponed until January 11. Not only this, Tunisha’s lawyer has accused Sheejan Khan of murder.

Sheehan’s lawyer claims in Tunisha Sharma’s case

Many big and shocking revelations have happened in the Tunisha Sharma case. However, what happened 15 minutes before his death, everyone wants to know. Regarding this, Sheejan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra told the court that Tunisha had talked to a boy named Ali just 15 minutes before her death. Both met on the dating app Tinder, and on this, they spoke on a video call. According to the claim of Sheezan Khan’s lawyer, Tunisha was in contact with the boy on 21 and 23 December. But Tunisha’s lawyer has also made a surprising counterattack on this.


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Tunisia’s lawyer retaliates (Tunisha Case Update)

Advocate Tarun Sharma, who is fighting Tunisha Case Update, has interacted with the media after the court hearing. In front of the press, Tarun Sharma has raised many questions about the Tinder allegations. Tunisia’s family’s lawyer has said, ‘If Sheehan has told this to her lawyer, then tell this. In the first argument, Sheehan noted that he had left the room. Tunisha talked to Ali for 15 minutes when he came out, so how did Sheejan know this? Because by then, Tunisha was dead.

Tunisha Sharma’s lawyer suspected of murder

Tunisha Sharma’s lawyer did not stop here and continued his talk and said, ‘They were both in the make-up room for 45 minutes. They are saying in the court that Sheejan had left the room. So how did he know that Tunisha was talking to Ali for 15 minutes on an audio or video call? Now the doubt is that who knows when Tunisha was sitting in the car? Did she talk to Sheehan? When he picked her up and took her away. This is the biggest question. We found it a case of suicide, but now it raises suspicion of murder.

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