The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Quadruple-Down on Maggie-Negan Drama

We are only a few weeks away from the first post-Walking DeadWalking Dead spinoff: Dead City. In this episode, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), search the zombie-filled ruins in New York City to find Maggie’s kidnapped child Hershel. You may not be interested in watching The Walking Dead’s finale because of how low the ratings were.

Other than the fact that I watched the entire TWD episode, my concerns stem from the quotes from Eli Jorne about the series. Jorne speaks at WonderCon about the core of Dead City. The grief, loss, and trauma that are at the heart of Maggie’s and Negan’s relationships was another piece I found. How can you navigate such a situation? That was the core of the show to me. This is the heart of this show.”

ComicBook reported that Jorne said that the original show did an “amazing job” exploring Maggie’s complicated relationship. However, the new show will “really focus in and peel away all the layers and go deeper and more challenging the characters,”
Uh-huh. I won’t go into detail about TWD doing “an amazing job” in exploring their relationship. But I will say that the original series spent a lot of time exploring it.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Quadruple-Down on Maggie-Negan Drama
The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Quadruple-Down on Maggie-Negan Drama

Maggie and Negan spent nearly all of their screentime together during seasons 9-11. Over the years, Negan became increasingly petty and Maggie was always distrustful of him, no matter how many times he saved Maggie or Hershel. Sometimes it would appear that they would reach a truce or an understanding, but Maggie would then revert to their old ways by the next episode.

That’s fine. You’d be inclined to harbor grudges no matter how many heart-to-heart and brutally honest conversations you have with someone. The second AMC announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan would be reprising their roles in the spin-off. It was obvious because TV shows are like that.

Jorne’s claim that there are layers to be removed is what I take offense at. The Walking Dead would only do one thing with these characters: to remove a layer and uncover another layer that is the same as the previous one. TWD thoroughly explored their relationship and repeatedly revealed that there was nothing beneath the layers, but more of the same. It wasn’t great.

Jorne’s comment that “We get to zoom in and peel away every layer and go deeper and deeper” suggests that Maggie will be furious at Negan’s murder and Negan will continue to try to prove he is a changed man. This is a repeat of TWDseasons 9-10 and 11. You could be pessimistic watching the main series. I don’t have any schadenfreude. Dead City might end up being good. If it comes down to Maggie and Negan’s relationships not evolving, then I’d prefer more zombies falling from their skies.

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