The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Full of nostalgia with not-so-good storyline


Nintendo and Illumination have teamed up to bring The Super Mario Bros. movie after the 1993 disaster movie. The story centers around the beloved Brooklyn boys Mario ( Chris Pratt and Luigi (Charlie Day). The duo attempt to find projects for their plumbing job, but they are soon near a magical pipe that transports them to another world. Mario ends up in The Mushroom Kingdom while Luigi is in The Dark Lands. This is where Mario begins his adventure to save Luigi. He meets Princess Peach and her toads, and they help him save Luigi. They get help from the Jungle Kingdom, and they succeed. Will Mario be able to help Princess Peach and save Luigi from Bowser’s wrath? This is what you need to know by watching The Super Mario Bros.

Name: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Director: Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black

Rating: 2.5 / 5

What’s hot?

The nostalgia of Super Mario Bros. is the driving force behind the movie. It will be a delight to see the references of the 90s children who played the game all their lives. The background score is appropriate and will delight the child in you. Aaron Horvath & Michael Jelenic did a great job animating the film. They tried to stay true to the original. The intricate details used to introduce characters into the story were what caught my attention. You will be able to guess their identities even before they appear on the screen. There will be turtles, mushrooms, and the famous rainbow road. It brings back many memories, as well as endless hours spent playing the game. Mario’s comedic moments will make you laugh.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Full of nostalgia with not-so-good storyline
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Full of nostalgia with not-so-good storyline

You will eventually feel the need to play Mario. This movie shows how a game adaptation should look.

What’s not?

The story of Super Mario Bros. is lacking. The plot is weak from the very beginning. The plot is weak and it seems like everyone was focusing on the part of the original game. Mario and Luigi represent two extremes of the spectrum. One is brave, and the other is scared! Their journeys are on the surface with only cheesy bromance lines such as “Nothing will ever happen if you are together.”

Over the hour, you will be transported into a fantasy world with a tragic backstory. Bowser is not the greatest villain in this fantasy world. His strength cannot be explored with such little screen time. Luigi, on top of all this, is just as irrelevant as Player 2. It is a fan service and lacks balance. Mamma Mia! It’s not a sensational film.


A good duo is Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as Mario. Sometimes their Italian can take over and feel forced. Stereotypical scenes include the family sitting down and eating pasta as dinner. Chris is the one who controls the movie, even though Charlie has fewer dialogues.

Anya TaylorJoy is Princess Peach, who loves to save her kingdom. She loves to preach and is an excellent performer. It is easy to see her character, and it is clear as day.

You will have a lot of fun watching Jack Black play Bowser. The character is a love-stricken man who wants to marry the Princess. He learns to sing and impress the Princess during this time. He flips when he realizes that Mario may have Princess’ attention. The fire breather is determined to rule the world. He is a typical villain with an inept personality.

Final Verdict

Super Mario Bros. is worth a glance. You don’t need to expect much from a game adaptation. Just enjoy the nostalgia. You will be able to jump and bring back childhood memories with the songs. The movie is lacking the charm of a beautiful plot.

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