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The request for money by Wikipedia has sparked a meme frenzy on Twitter. The best ones are:

Twitter users used memes to communicate their feelings about Wikipedia’s fundraising campaign.

It’s natural to conclude that Wikipedia has allowed the vast majority of us to accomplish even the most difficult exams with comfort. If you so choose to think about it, you’d be dishonest to yourself because you said you didn’t completely abandon your notes past midnight to scrabble through Wikipedia and study some of the most difficult chapters on the curriculum overnight.

Since you’re on the site recently, you’ve actually realized a notification in a bold red box on the right side. “Hi. Although wouldn’t be the first instance we’ve stopped your studying recently, just 98 percent of our readers don’t consider donating. Many people say they’ll contribute afterward, but then they don’t. We respectfully request that you safeguard Wikipedia. All we ask is that you contribute $25, or whatever amount you think is appropriate, to help us maintain our future. We respectfully beg that you refrain from scrolling away. “We cordially thank you maybe you’re one of our few donors,” the text continues.

This isn’t the first time that users have discovered a money request on Wikipedia. The statement has been circulating on the website for quite some time, and netizens are becoming anxious. Just as some people posted further about lack of funding that autonomous websites face, others couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their opinions through humorous memes.

Many people used known meme layouts from movies and TV shows like Phir Hera Pheri and Golmaal Panchayat.

We’ve produced a list of some of the best:

How users might react. Hey! We said it could happen. :p

Panchayat 2 meme for Wikipedia is somewhat like:

Babu bhaiya never fails to storm the social media with his aura:

Maal kidhar hai?:p

Bet, this will have you laughing like hell:

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