The Independent Artist Adnan Mkdm Creative Buzz With His Latest Song

Adnan Mkdm’s – Kahani

Kahaani is a Music video based upon real life situation of today’s times

The music video is produced under banner of Sadhuism Films

Actor & Filmmaker Sadhu kabra has directed this music video Mkdm Productions

Sadhu Kabra’s Sadhuism Films has has been into preproduction production and post-production of the project

The music video is doing good, it was released on 31 December 2022. The video was shot on 16 December on the birthday of Artist Adnan
The music video was quite slow on release
But now it has completed 50K views on YouTube & over 20 K audio listeners

Streaming on all audio platforms

Adnan ” Kahani is been always very special for me and it was my dream project & once Sadhu does his magic, then things are really very amazing”

Year 2023 will be very much surprising for audience as well

Artist Adnan later added
There are four upcoming music videos, under his own banner of MKDM Productions

Sadhu added ” Adnan has his own energy. When he comes to writing. He write some brilliant lyrics, with all the pain and experience he has gain in his life, and when it comes to the recording portion in the studio. He has another level of electrifying energy and his performance is great

I have been into recording process, composing process and mixing process of the music audio

When it comes to the Shooting Adnan is the one who really gives while shooting, and he is the one, who has always been selective about his costumes and how his foot where he’s been very specific about the look of the video, I remember we have discussed every small part of it for days and even for nights, we used to always it on Yariroad backRoad and pre-plan about our music video, and I’m so glad that it’s been loved by an audience so much”

Adnan’s prior Song kashish showed a great response was also played in Dubai at several clubs and parties same goes for Kahani

Kahani was a new year release Song & it was played in lot of clubs In Juhu & Bandra

We or excited for upcoming music videos from this very talented artist Adnan MKDM

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