The Glory Part 2 review: A captivating revenge drama with impressive performances

The K-drama, “The Glory Part 2”, is currently on air. This follows the success of Part 1, which had viewers gripped to their seats. This Korean thriller, released on 10th March, continues to impress audiences with its sharp writing, captivating narrative, and outstanding performances.

The Glory, at its core, is a revenge story with a purpose. Moon Dong-eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, is a woman forced to abandon her dream of becoming an engineer because she was abused as a young child. She spends her adult life plotting revenge on her tormentors with the aid of Joo Yao-Jung, a man who has a secret past.

The Glory Part 2 review: A captivating revenge drama with impressive performances
The Glory Part 2 review: A captivating revenge drama with impressive performances

Bullying is a major theme in the show. It can lead to psychological trauma but is not often addressed. The Glory brings this issue to light by brutally showing the violence. In the first episode, viewers see Yeo-jin burn Dong-eun with a curler. It is a difficult scene to watch.

The show is a compelling watch, even if some people disagree with the revenge plot.

Character arcs have been perfectly crafted, and Dong-eun’s story is particularly captivating. Song Hye Kyo gives a powerful and emotional performance like Dong Eun. She perfectly captures her character’s pain and vulnerability. Lee Do-hyun also delivers a powerful performance as Yeo Jung, creating strong chemistry on screen with Hye-Kyo.

Supporting cast members Yeom Hye Ran, Park Sung Hoon, and Jung Sung Il are equally impressive. The writing of the show strikes a perfect balance between serious and humorous moments. This allows for a break from the intensity without losing the plot. The scenes between Dong-eun, the housemaid and others are well written and show the effect of trauma both on the victim and their surroundings.

The Glory sheds light on bullying and its long-term impact. It doesn’t preach revenge, but it offers an alternative viewpoint that some people may find satisfying.

The two-month gap that separates Part 1 from Part 2 is one of the negative aspects of the series. It can be hard for those who haven’t seen the first part for a long time to remember events and characters. The Glory is still worth watching because of its impressive performances and plot.

The production is top-notch. The background score of the show works especially well in emotional scenes. It adds an extra layer to the story.

The Glory is an excellent choice for fans of Korean thrillers and revenge dramas. The show may not appeal to everyone because of its brutal depiction of violence but the themes and performances are what make it stand out in Netflix’s line-up.

Netflix is streaming The Glory parts 1 and 2. Keep up to date with Devdiscourse for more South Korean dramas.

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