The Exchange Ending Explained: What Happened to Tim And Stéphane!!

The Exchange is an amazing 2021 film that gained popularity through its comedy and drama. Just like many comedian themes, it has also some punches that work in favor of the audience and that’s the reason why it is still remembered.

We have seen how any film which is loved by the audience generally gets sequels but if not a sequel then the re-watching thing always remains an option. Talking about such then one cannot forget about some of the amazing American films in terms of the same category.

The Exchange was released on 30 July 2021 in North America. It has gained popularity in the United Kingdom Canada and Australia in the same language. The film was directed by Dan Mazer and written by Tim Long. It is set in 1986 in a small Canadian town that is suffering the effects of a financial recession.

The Exchange Ending Explained: What Happened to Tim And Stéphane!!
The Exchange Ending Explained: What Happened to Tim And Stéphane!!

Ed Oxenbould was seen in many different characters however, for this one he again gained a Canadian High School role named Tim Long.

He is generally a socially awkward teenager who decided to contact his best friend from France. It all started with mail order and ended as being a personal nightmare for himself while going with chain smoking and s*x obsession. However, at the end of everything, he becomes a hero of the community.

The Exchange: What Happened to Tim And Stéphane!!

The story generally travels with Stéphane and Tim while their friendship goes through many ups and downs. It started with bullying and racism till the time White Squirrel Float was found destroyed and it was Stéphane who got all the blame.

Despite all the circumstances of ups and down in the friendship, Long has decided to go in favor of his friend.

It ended happily when Stéphane’s blame became clear. The parents of long also discuss their problems related to finance while Brenda and Tim end it with a kiss. It has an amazing cast that is remarkable for their amazing talent of acting with goes like this:

Ed Oxenbould was as Tim, Avan Jogia as Stéphane, Kathy Greenwood in the role of Mrs. Fleming, Melanie Leishman as Diane, Justin Hartley as Gary Rothbauer, Jennifer Irwin as Sheila, Paul Braunstein as Glenn, Jayli Wolf in the role of Brenda, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll as Kevin, Brandon Oakes was as Neil Crowfoot

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