Taylor Swift is the ‘most gracious, beautiful woman’ I’ve met, says singer’s rumored boyfriend Matty Healy

Taylor Swift has been rumored dating MattyHealy after her breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Fans have been drawn to an old interview from 2016. In the video, Matty Healy praises Taylor Swift. The 1975 frontman called Swift “creatively talented” and said that she was the most gracious woman he had ever met.

Matty Healy is gushing about Taylor Swift

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift first met in 2014. It seems that the singer was impressed with Swift at a young age. Matty Healy, in a 2009 interview with Elle, had put an end to romance rumors between the singer and him. He talked about being constantly asked about Taylor following their first encounter.


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Matty replied, “Now, if you’d like to talk about Taylor Swift that’s easy …. Since she appeared on my show in December 2014, I’d say 90 percent of the journalists who have interviewed me asked about her either as a person or our “interaction.”

Healy extolled the popstar, praising her. He said: “I’ve said on numerous occasions that she is one of the most gracious women I’ve ever met. She works hard, has a creative gift, and is beautiful. I have great respect and admiration for her. Why wouldn’t I?”

Did Matty Healy date Taylor in 2014?

Taylor and Matty became linked in December 2014. She attended his concert wearing the T-shirt of his band. Healy told a host of a radio program that they had exchanged phone numbers when Healy was asked about Taylor Swift. Let’s wait and see. Rumors of a romance started to circulate.


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Matty Healy clarified the matter later. The frontman of ‘1975,’ Matty Healy, said in an interview with GQ that he found it “interesting” how much interest the world has in Taylor Swift. Matty had to explain what he meant when people accused him of being misogynistic. Later, Matty clarified that he felt “immersed” in the celebrity world that was “confusing and frightening.”

The Sun reported that the couple will make their relationship public at Taylor’s Nashville concert on Friday.

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