Take care of children in winter. In this way, they will not fall ill at all.

Winter baby care: The cold season has now knocked. This season, people take great care of their health because most fall ill in the cold. Those who have small children in their house should especially take care of them because most children suffer from freezing, cold, fever, skin eruption, dryness, frequent sneezing, headache problem, joint pain, cold and flu, body ache, viral fever, and sore throat. You can get an ear infection.

Keeping in mind that the child should not get such diseases, we have brought some tips for you, following which you can keep your children healthy.

Take care of children like this.

Keep children away from the window even by mistake in winter because it can cause cold air. Also, when the child is sleeping, could you not keep it open even by mistake? Cover it from all sides and dress it appropriately. At the same time, you must give eggs and turmeric milk to your child daily.

Do not take cough and cold light.

Children are more likely to suffer from cough and cold in winter. Because of this, they start getting sick again and again. For which you have to take special care of your child. Also, if she has a slight infection, you should not ignore her. Take special care of the child.

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