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Social Media Users Furious Over The New Video of Urfi Javed,

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No matter what happens in the world, Bigg Boss OTT star Urfi Javed will do anything to grab the attention of the fans. Urfi Javed has always been a buzzword with his peculiar style and has done something similar even today. Right now, only Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage is being discussed everywhere.

Social Media Users Furious Over The New Video of Urfi Javed,
Social Media Users Furious Over The New Video of Urfi Javed,

Meanwhile, Urfi Javed has shown a glimpse of his bold avatar to get the people’s attention. With this, once again, people have started pulling his leg. Urfi Javed shared his new video on social media a few hours ago. There was only a delay in the arrival of the video people did not waste any time trolling him.


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Urfi raises the mercury of the internet.

Every day goes by that Urfi Javed doesn’t post something on social media. Sometimes she shares 4 to 5 posts throughout the day. Many people praise Urfi Javed, but the number of these people is always less. Trollers of Bigg Boss OTT star keep ambushing when he shares a post and gets a chance to comment. Even in today’s video, people are listening to him a lot. One person has written, ‘I request you to put on full clothes at some point.’

People gave knowledge on talent.

In the latest video of Urfi Javed, people are giving him full knowledge. A user has vented his anger on Urfi by commenting long and wide. This person has written, ‘The lack of talent makes people take their clothes off. You will never improve.’

Urfi has a complaint about the TV industry.

A few days ago, during an interview, Urfi Javed had expressed his pain. In this interview, Urfi Javed openly said that the TV industry never gave him respect. She also regrets that people do not give her the role of typical daughter-in-law, even though she has done much work on TV.

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