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Seeing Malaika Arora, some people became uncontrollable, when they came near, the enraged actress started class!

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Every day, Malaika Arora’s videos are a hot topic. Fans love every moment of Malaika Arora’s acting, whether it is her social media posts or the moments captured by the paparazzi. Seeing the actress recently, some people started to take her photos. She became outraged.

Recently, Malaika Arora’s video was released. In it, she emerges from the gym, and some people surround her. People vie to photograph the actress. Malaika was horrified to see this and said, “Kitni photo loge!” The Malaika video is becoming more viral on social media because people are trolling her.

Malaika Arora can be seen wearing black spaghetti and shorts in this video. Her hair is tied, and she is wearing a blue cap. Malaika Arora can often be seen in Mumbai. Sometimes you will see Malaika Arora outside your salon. From the front, Malaika appears beautiful. The media and Malaika can take photos as soon as they approach him. Malaika’s mercury rose, and she was scolded.


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Malaika can see the irritation on her face during this. The fan requests Malaika to take a decent photo in such an instance. The actress is ready. People behind begin to laugh at the sight. Social media is exploding with this Malaika Arora video.

Malaika Arora wears a cap almost every day. This is due to an accident. Malaika was involved in a terrible accident. His forehead was also injured, and he needed stitches. Malaika always wears a cap when she leaves the house so the public doesn’t see the injury marks.

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