Scewo BRO: An electric stair-climbing power wheelchair for elderly & disabled people

It’s just a challenge wheelchair users reach and wear down the stairs. The Skovo Bro is an electric wheelchair that takes people with disabilities and parents up the stairs. However, this climbing wheelchair was made in 2017 by an ETH and ZHDK student.

Once the wheelchair reaches the user’s ladder, simply press the Mood button to activate it. In addition, a joystick helps motorists move forward and helps seniors control their movements.

Plus, Broy Skov has turned to keep the corner of the seat in place when climbing stairs to keep the chair up or down. Similarly, a motorized wheelchair can climb stairs at a speed of 30 steps per minute with a maximum gradient of 36 degrees.

On a flat surface, the low wheelchair operates at a speed of 10 km/h. At the same time, the range is 35 kilometers at the same cost. In addition, you can easily see the obstacles with a maximum height of 5 cm.

The SCEWO BRO comes in three colors: Sahara Gold, Polar White, and Urban Grey. It also gets LED headlights, rear lights, and turn indicators. All back roads safely communicate with other vehicles on the road. The stairs go up, and they can easily reach up to 89cm to the upper shelf in supermarkets and up to 44cm by pressing the button.

Scewo BRO: An electric stair-climbing power wheelchair for elderly & disabled people
Scewo BRO: An electric stair-climbing power wheelchair for elderly & disabled people

A special application for a smartphone allows you to adjust the speed and chair and change modes from a distance. In addition, the wheelchair has a USB-C load port for recharging your smartphone or device. Finally, on July 10, 2020, in Winterthur, Switzerland, we gave our customers their first stair chair.

This folding CD is a comfortable moving tool to help people with disabilities walk down the aisle. With many features, it is the number one choice among users. Made of aluminum alloys, the lightweight wheelchair can be folded, making it easy to move anywhere. The chair can generate a weight of up to 125 kg and lift about 20 floors. It is suitable for interior or exterior buildings and public and private homes.

With an integrated automatic braking system, electronic brakes prevent climbing or descending the track and can be stopped immediately. This unique product can help physically handicapped patients to climb multiple stairs with minimal effort. The wheelchair has a stable and independent track grip, ensuring climbing stairs. It is easy for operators to move people with disabilities up and down the stairs.

The CD cut ladder gets an additional 125 mm rear wheel with 100 mm and a smooth brake front rotating wheel. This light wheelchair has a lithium-ion battery that can be refilled. Soft chairs and backups can be removed and washed. Wheelchairs also show the remaining battery energy in real time. It has a 2.5 cm track permit. Skip obstacles with the help of wheelchairs that are on electronic stairs for parents and people with physical disabilities.

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Description For Stair Climbing Wheelchair:

Wheelchair Stairs: Climbing is used for patients who cannot go upstairs. The disabled person can easily climb the stairs with a climbing chair. One is a manual wheelchair, and the other is a wheelchair that goes up an electric ladder.

Wheelchair users can only have safe return tools or wheelchairs designed for stairs, i.e., stairs. Normal wheelchairs can be divided into a clearance in terms of seats or lying down. Then, the bed mattress (empty chair) or wheelchair. You can empty vertically or horizontally in both directions.

Horizontal permits mean moving to a safe location on the same floor (another fire room) away from hazardous areas. This ladder may require a climbing chair, where the person cannot use an exit ladder to reach the outside and must remain on a fixed floor until help arrives (e.g., hospital).

Vertical free space means (in many cases) the lower level except on the floor. The lift cannot be used during an emergency. In this case, it is advisable to use an automatic wheelchair.

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