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Saudi Arabia Furious Over The Sacrilege of The Holy Quran in Sweden, Gave First Warning

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Saudi Arabia has expressed great displeasure over the incidents of deliberate burning of the Quran in Sweden. The Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry stated on Monday morning.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is recording the condemnation of Saudi Arabia for the intentional sacrilege and provocation of the Holy Quran and Muslims.”

Saudi Arabia Furious Over The Sacrilege of The Holy Quran in Sweden, Gave First Warning
Saudi Arabia Furious Over The Sacrilege of The Holy Quran in Sweden, Gave First Warning

The statement further said, “Saudi Arabia emphasizes the importance of concerted efforts to promote dialogue, tolerance, coexistence.

It also supports the abandonment of hatred, extremism, and abuse of all religions and holy places.”

what is the matter

There were riots on consecutive Sundays in Norshaping.

Clashes have erupted in several cities for the fourth day after the burning of the Quran, a holy book of Muslims, by far-right and anti-immigrant groups in Sweden.

Local media reported continuous riots in the eastern city of Norshaping on Sunday in which police fired at the rioters, in which three people were injured.

Several vehicles were torched while at least 17 people were arrested.

On Saturday, a bus, including several vehicles, was torched in violence during a far-right rally in the southern city of Malma.

Earlier, the government of Iran and Iraq had summoned the diplomats to present here regarding the demonstration after burning the Quran.

Movement for burning the Quran

Danish-Swedish terrorist Rasmus Paludan, the head of the Hard Line movement, has said that he has burnt Islam’s holiest text and will repeat his work.

Clashes have erupted on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in which at least 16 police officers were injured and several police vehicles were damaged where the group has organized events. These incidents have occurred in the suburbs of Stockholm and cities such as Linshaping and Norshaping.

Deutsche Welle reports that on Sunday, terrorist Paludan had warned of another rally in Norreshaping, after which people gathered to protest against it.

The local police said in their statement that after coming under the scanner of the attack, they opened fire as a warning, and three people were injured during this.

‘See riots before, but this is something else.’

Sweden’s national police chief Andash Turnberry said in a statement on Saturday that the protesters ignored the lives of police officers.

“We have seen violent riots before, but this is something else,” he said.

Demonstrations against the hardline movement’s plans to burn the Quran in Sweden have sometimes turned violent. In 2020, protesters torched cars and damaged many shops in Malma.

Paludan was jailed for a month in 2020 for several crimes, including racism in Denmark. They had tried to burn the Quran similarly in European countries like France and Belgium.

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