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Sadhu Kabra talks about his journey as a Producer, Director and Actor in ‘Tum Ho Toh’ song

There is a lesson in every story. ‘Tum Ho Toh’ is a song sung by Piyush Ghadse, featuring Sadhu Kabra and Sima Sharma. The music video shot in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, and produced by Sadhu Kabra will be released on his birthday, 1st December 2022. The location, with its lovely scenarios, portrays a very emotional storyline.

Sadhu Kabra was approached by Piyush Ghadse in 2019 for the making of a music video for his song ‘Tum Ho Toh’ as he was aware of Sadhu’s music video cover creations. After listening to the final version, he was very interested and decided to utilize every available resource to give life to this masterpiece. However, the plan remained unexecuted. 2020 resulted in a lockdown, and then, in 2021, Sadhu was busy with numerous projects as an assistant director and a production assistant.  He explains, “In early 2022 when I was determined to dive deep into the project, my grandmother passed away. I was hit with a huge emotional turmoil and unfortunately had to postpone the project yet again. However, despite all the delays and struggles, after a lot of planning, everything took a better turn in the right direction. We shot the song in one of the most beautiful places in India. We all are very excited about the release of this song.”

Sadhu Kabra talks about his journey as a Producer, Director and Actor in ‘Tum Ho Toh’ song
Sadhu Kabra talks about his journey as a Producer, Director and Actor in ‘Tum Ho Toh’ song

In his early times, Sadhu was mostly approached and appreciated for acting. However, in 2020 and 2021, he was only welcomed for direction and filmmaking. Many discouraged him with harsh words that he was not fit for acting, and that acting was not his cup of tea. Additionally, because of his talent and dedication to direction and filmmaking, the actor in him took a backseat after being ignored and overlooked for a long time. Since he was ridiculed for his looks, it made him conscious, and he started overthinking. He says that he used to spend hours in front of the mirror demeaning himself based on people’s comments. But, soon, he was tired and wanted to take action. He followed proper diet and exercise plans and gained eight kilograms in three months. He went on from 56 kilograms to 64 in a short span. Once, he regained his confidence, he started working on this music video and is anticipating to see the audience’s reaction.

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Sadhu Kabra says, “When I am the actor and director on a set, the job is sometimes easy and other times a bit difficult. I have a different take on different projects based on numerous factors. However, when you add producing to it, you are the most responsible person for everything in the entire set. Traveling 2000 kilometers away from home for a music video shoot with a nano crew and a limited period was a challenge in itself. On top of that, I had to believe in myself for the crew to believe in my plan. While challenging, it was a worthwhile experience.”

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