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Nora Fatehi got upset in Mumbai rains, Pallu fell while handling the sari

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You already know about the rains of Mumbai, when they came, how much they arrived and when they would go. No guess can be made. This is why Mumbaikars keep getting two or four every year due to this rain, and this time Nora Fatehi has become upset.

Nora has worn a sari, so the weather has also become dishonest. Heavy raining clouds troubled Nora.

Nora Fatehi
Nora Fatehi

Nora got upset wearing a sari.

Nora Fatehi was spotted on the sets of Dance Deewane Junior on Monday, where she was seen in a beautiful sari, but in the afternoon, the weather took a turn, and heavy rains made the weather pleasant in Mumbai. But amidst the rain, Nora Fatehi got a little upset in the sari. So a particular vehicle was arranged from the set to the vanity van, and Nora had to struggle to reach the vanity van from the car. When someone else caught the pallu of Nora’s sari, Nora lifted the sari to her knees and completed her journey to the vanity van.

Nora’s pallu slipped.

While climbing into the vanity, it was not so easy for Nora to get down from the vanity and reach the set again. While handling the sari, Nora’s pallu slipped, so the onlookers were stunned. Nora Fatehi has caused a lot of havoc in a pink sari. Her designer sari and look are being discussed a lot. This style of Nora is also very much liked by everyone.


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Nora is judging Dance Deewane Junior.

Nora Fatehi has now made her mark in the industry. These days, the best dancer, Nora, is judging such a big reality show with Bollywood legend Neetu Kapoor and the choreographer will and remains in the limelight.

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