Nokia T10: Design, Features, Performance, And More!

The Nokia T10 tablet is a good option for users looking for a simple tablet. The build quality is acceptable, and the display is enough for online classes and video streaming.

The two speakers provide a powerful output that enhances the whole experience. Furthermore, you may use your SIM card instead of relying on Wi-Fi.

Design and Display of Nokia T10

The T10 is rather basic at first glance. With small ridges running the length of it, the Ocean Blue rear polycarbonate plate provides a decent amount of grip.

However, the plastic somewhat diverts attention from the tablet’s attractive look. The 8-inch display may be regarded by many as the ideal size for a portable tablet.

The T10’s weight of 375 grams makes it suitable for carrying. But given that 10-inch tablets now on the market only weigh 60–70 grams more, the Nokia T10 might have had a lighter design.

Its standard, completely laminated LCD 8-inch display has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Since the resolution is just 1280 x 800 pixels, most cheap smartphones have a far greater pixel density.

However, an HD resolution of 8 inches is acceptable at this price, and the pixel density is comparable to that of a 10-inch full HD tablet. The majority of the screen’s features are good.

The depiction of contrast and colors is excellent, and the viewing angles are enough. Except for direct sunshine, the screen is sufficiently bright for most settings.

Price and Availability of Nokia T10

Price and Availability of Nokia T10
Price and Availability of Nokia T10

The Nokia T10 is now on sale in the UK and the US, with a price of around $170 in the US and around £129 in the UK. It costs AU$ 319 in Australia. That’s a reasonable price for everything you get, and you may be able to find even lower prices online.

Camera Features of Nokia T10

In better light, the camera captures decent images, although they are somewhat overexposed, and the color balance and focusing are only sometimes reliable. The photo quality degrades in low light, as expected. However, you may still get some usable shots if there’s some light about.

Perhaps more concerning is the fact that the front-facing camera is just 2MP, so if you make video calls with this gadget, don’t expect to look your finest in terms of resolution. On the other hand, face recognition unlocking is fast.

Performance of Nokia T10

The Nokia T10 comes with stock Android 12 out of the box, as well as a relatively clean interface as well. As a result, the tablet’s overall performance is satisfactory for everyday tasks.

The UNISOC T606 chipset powers the tablet, which isn’t very powerful but is enough for online surfing, streaming content, and social networking.

Every app and game will run almost, but expect some stuttering and lag when switching between apps, moving between menus, and launching the most intensive tasks. Apps start slower than you might anticipate if you’ve used the same ones on your smartphone, and they feel less responsive.

Battery life of Nokia T10

The tablet has a 5250 mAh battery, which is enough for one day of reading and streaming. The tablet may last 7-8 hours on a single charge with moderate usage. Unfortunately, there’s no wireless charging available, and charging is a pretty slow 10W through a wired connection.


The Nokia T10 is a low-cost tablet that may appeal to those looking for a secondary tablet for primary multimedia use.

It might be a fantastic companion for young children who require parental supervision when using media or for parents and grandparents who aren’t searching for a top-of-the-line tablet with killer specifications. If you’re looking for a simple gadget to unwind with at the end of the day, the Nokia T10 is a good choice.

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