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Nisha Noor: This beautiful actress had a painful death due to AIDS, insects were crawling on her body outside the dargah

The film industry is as full of dazzle as it is dark. There are many examples of such actors in the cinematic world who initially found great success but later went into oblivion. For this reason, the life of many artists was spent in Muflissi. The death of some of these artists was so painful because of money that people’s souls trembled after seeing it. Today we are going to tell you about an actress whose stars were high in the 80s, but gradually she was caught by financial constraints that she went on the wrong path and later this also became the reason for her painful death. Gone.

We are talking about 80s actress Nisha Noor. Nisha achieved a special position in the South film industry very soon based on her beauty and performance. It is said that every director of South India at that time wanted to make a film with Nisha. The actress had done many super hit films in Tamil and Malayalam languages, but there came a time when she stopped getting films.

After the initial success, his films stopped showing amazingly. Gradually her craze went down and later she became unemployed. After this, due to financial constraints, she had to come into prostitution due to compulsion. And from here the bad phase of his life started.

After this, in the year 2007, Nisha was found outside the dargah in a very bad condition, seeing which was very difficult to recognize. His body had become very weak. Insects were crawling all over his body. So he was immediately taken to the hospital. Where investigation revealed that he had AIDS. On 23 April 2007, Nisha lost the battle with this disease and said goodbye to the world.

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