Nick Jonas Video: Nick Jonas has had this disease since the age of 13, revealed by posting

Nick Jonas Video:¬†American star Nick Jonas has recently revealed about being troubled by one of his diseases. While sharing the post on social media, he said he had been plagued by type 1 diabetes since childhood. The singer has spoken openly about the symptoms of the disease by sharing a video on ‘World Diabetes Day.


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Nick Jonas has had diabetes since childhood.

Nick Jonas is an American singer and actor. She started acting on Broadway at the tender age of seven and released her debut in 2002. Nick Jonas has become very famous in America and India after his marriage to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Everyone sees them as a power couple in the industry. However, Nick revealed that he was troubled by his type 1 diabetes shortly before, and now on ‘World Diabetes Day, Singer has shared a video telling what symptoms you may face if you have diabetes.


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Tell the symptoms by sharing the post.

Nick Jonas recently shared a video on social media from his Instagram account, in which he has told about the symptoms related to diabetes. In the video, Nick talks about all the common signs of diabetes. Also captioning the video, he wrote, ‘I felt four symptoms that made me know that I was living with type 1 diabetes – excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and irritability. These can be recognized as common symptoms of type 1 diabetes. I am sharing my symptoms so that others can recognize the symptoms.’ This is how Nick has alerted people to the symptoms of diabetes. Many of his fans have also reacted to the video.

Fans reacted like this.

Reacting to this video of Nick Jonas, many people have shared their experiences of being troubled by diabetes. Talking about it in the comment section, a fan wrote, ‘My son was suffering from three of those four symptoms when he was four years old. I was terrified, but my son was diagnosed early because I knew the symptoms. My father was Type 1, and both my brothers too. ‘ On the other hand, other fans have thanked Nick for inspiring everyone by sharing his story.

The disease was detected at the age of 13

Earlier, Nick had also shared a post at the beginning of National Diabetes Month, where he shared with his fans about being diagnosed with diabetes at 13. Sharing the bar with his picture, he wrote in a big caption, ‘Today is the 16th anniversary of my diagnosis. I was 13, doing a show with my brothers‚Ķand I knew something wasn’t right, so I told my parents I needed to see a doctor. After going over my symptoms, my doctor told me I had type 1 diabetes. There are tough days, but I have a great support system I can count on to get me through this, and I can’t be hard on myself when I’m feeling low.’ Nick was diagnosed when he discovered their blood sugar level was more than 900 mg/dL.

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