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Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Returns For Season 6

The highly acclaimed dystopian anthology series is returning with new episodes that are longer and more dramatic.

Black Mirror Is Coming To Netflix For Season Six After A Long Break.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the critically acclaimed dystopian anthology series that investigates technology’s impact on humanity is returning for a second season.

The new season is scheduled to contain more episodes than the previous one (which only had three) but will resume the show’s tendency of delivering a lengthier, dramatic narrative.

In 2019, the previous season aired. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, creator Charlie Brooker stated in an interview that producing more episodes of the show felt inappropriate through such a real-life global disaster.

“At the moment, I’m not sure what stomach there would be for stories of society falling apart,” he told the Radio Times in the United Kingdom. “I’ve been creating scripts to make myself laugh because I’m interested in revisiting my comedy skill set.”

However, the production was suspended due to behind-the-scenes conflict.

Brooker and Annabel Jones created Black Mirror through their Endemol Shine Group production firm House of Tomorrow. In 2020, the couple quit the group and founded Broke and Bones, a production company featuring Netflix as a major backer. The rights to Black Mirror, on the other hand, remained with Endemol, which was later owned by Banijay Group.

So, when Black Mirror was detained at Banijay, the artistic duo was at Broke and Bones. Netflix then swooped in and bought Black Mirror from Banijay, production Brooker and Jones’ access to the show.

There is no more production or casting information (other than casting is in progress) or premiere date for the new season set yet.

Brooker and Jones have produced two annual end-of-year specials for Netflix, Death to 2020 and Death to 2021, after their last season of Black Mirror.

Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Returns For Season 6
Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Returns For Season 6

THR has called out to Banijay Rights and Netflix for comment.

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