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Netflix To Open It’s New Regional Headquarter In Warsaw, Poland

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Earlier this year, the biggest streaming company, Netflix, unveiled its new regional headquarter in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The inauguration will be done later this year, and according to sources, the new Warsaw Office will act as a hub for the streaming operations across Central and Eastern Europe.

Netflix is the world’s biggest and largest OTT platform which streams every type of movie all in one place, which you can watch any time you want and at a reasonable amount for the subscription too! Due to the popularity and the number of subscribers, Netflix even started to launch its original series in every genre starting from crime dramas like The Woods and student comedy like Sexify to period dramas and adult content such as the latest release, 365 Days Second part.

Netflix To Open It's New Regional Headquarter In Warsaw, Poland
Netflix To Open It’s New Regional Headquarter In Warsaw, Poland

“Poland has become a key market for Netflix in the CEE region,” said Anna Nagler, the streamer’s director of local-language originals for CEE, claiming that the company’s production investment has created at least 2,600 jobs in the country.

“Given the growing volume of original Polish content, now is the right time to get even closer to our members and creative partners. The Netflix office in Warsaw is a natural next step in establishing new partnerships, deepening existing ones, and creating new opportunities for the Polish creative community.”

“We are planning further investments both in Polish productions and in licensed titles,” Larry Tanz, Netflix’s VP series for EMEA, wrote in a blog post. “With an office on the ground, our presence in Poland and CEE will become even more visible.”

Netflix To Open Its New Regional Headquarter In Warsaw, Poland

Poland is the most powerful and most prosperous country in Central and Eastern Europe, and thus Netflix, last year only, released 18 new Polish Films. Given how the country’s economy is on the boom, Netflix will have a considerable profit in its account!


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And if we talk about Polish Cinema, it also contains top-notch quality content with a profound message, and many great directors like Patryk Vega and Maria Sadowska work for the Polish Cinemas.

The audience always looks for a different aspect in the movie, and thus, they are shifting to experience the entertainment of other cinemas. Whatever the reason, the people in business are investing funds in Poland content. The demand for Polish content is growing daily, which is good news for the local producers and people in the industry!

If you haven’t yet started and are confused about what Polish you should watch, you can begin with Never Gonna Snow Again by Małgorzata Szumowska.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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