Money9: What do you use your credit card for?

Do you also use a credit card? If yes, for what purpose? In a survey of Money 9, many shocking things have come to the fore. read here

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Money9: If you have to take a loan to buy a ration for the house, to fill the oil in the vehicle, or to pay the children’s fees, then you will need to understand the economic condition of such a family. And if you do all this work with a credit card, no one will raise any questions. But there is little difference between doing all this work by taking a loan and such purchases with credit, and most people who have credit cards in the country use them for all these works.

Money9: What do you use your credit card for?
Money9: What do you use your credit card for?

7 percent of people use a credit card

Money 9’s Personal Finance Survey has revealed that about 7 percent of households in the country use credit cards. Among cardholders, 50 percent of people use it to buy groceries, 47 percent to fill the oil in their vehicle, 38 percent to buy clothes, and 33 percent to pay children’s fees or electricity and water bills.

Credit cards are also used for buying tickets, a fridge or TV for a home, and even repaying loan installments.

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