Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film

Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film. Minnal Murli means Lightning Murli in Hindi it means Murli with celestial electricity. The film has been released on Netflix on 24 December 2021 in six languages Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English.

minimal murali 2022 movie review

The movie revolves around a young man named Jason, who works as a tailor in a village. One day he is struck by lightning. Due to this, he gets superpowers and turns into a superhero.

Like all Malayalam films, the movie takes some time to get back on track. The movie has some melodrama-heavy dialogues. The fight choreography of this film does not seem good enough for the superhero film genre, but the team makes up for it effectively.

Well-done visuals, well-developed characters, great background score, and emotional depth.

The main character of the film is played by Tovino Thomas. Tovino has nailed his part well. Tovino played double roles in this movie.

A playful childish middle-aged villain and a young budding mischievous superhero together these two build up feelings of wonder within our minds to watch the thriller. It is fun to watch as Tovino discovers his powers in the beginning. The Malayalam film industry gets its first superhero through this movie.

Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film
Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film

There is a likable superhero and a supervillain in this movie. The movie’s villain is as powerful as his hero. Guru Somasundaram played the role of a supervillain in the movie Mighty. The demented Shibu character played by Guru will be quite memorable for the viewers. One becomes a villain because of his life experiences and circumstances. The transformation of his character is shown very well. The journey of the hero and the villain run together throughout the movie.

The songs of the film are decent which take the story forward and are placed in the right places. The songs of the film are written by Manu Manjith in Malayalam, Rajesh Malarvannan in Tamil, and Bharathi Babu in Telugu. The music of the film is given by Shaan Rahman and Sushin Shyam. The background music of the movie is given by Sushin Shyam which is excellent.

As if any person gets superpowers then he uses those powers for good or for the evil it is in his hands. The same thing happens in this movie. Like all superheroes, it too has a magical past.

The climax scene of the movie ends immediately. If he should have been given more length then it would have been more fun to watch. Due to this, the movie wobbles a bit. This movie will entertain you thoroughly. This is a good movie. This movie teaches us that superhero films can be made even with such a low budget. You must watch this movie once.

In India too, superhero films have been made since ancient times. Many stars have done films like Amitabh Bachchan’s Ajooba, Toofan, Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India, Jackie Shroff’s Shiva’s Insaaf, Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish Movie Syringe, Shahrukh Khan’s Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona, Tiger Shroff’s Flying Jatt Tamil film hero in South India. Minnal Murali’s film is very different from all these films.

The drama goes on in the night. There, an old beedi picker throws away his piece, because of which the fireworks factory on the side catches fire, due to which the stage of the play also catches fire. People start running here and there.

Minnal Murali Movie Story Explained

A drama is going on at a fair at night. There, an old beedi picker throws away his piece, because of which the fireworks factory on the side catches fire, due to which the stage of the play also catches fire. People start running here and there.

There a child falls. Everything gets burnt to ashes. It is morning, and astrologers on TV are saying that a planetary position is going to be formed in the solar system at night, and electricity is going to be generated from it. Sub-Inspector of Police (Baiju) S. Ale. Sajan Antony is sitting. At the same time Shibu (Guru Somasundaram), a waiter working in that teapot who has been boycotted by the society comes to the teapot.

Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film
Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film

The owner of the teapot hits him on the head for coming late. Shibu starts searching for the money packet. There is a young man Jason (Tovino Thomas) in the village who works as a tailor and has his tailoring shop but has to move to the United States to pursue a career. Police sub-inspector Saajan’s daughter Bincy and Jason have a love affair. Jason goes to the market to meet Binsi, Saajan sees them both sitting in the teapot, he goes there and refuses to meet Binsi by licking Jason and telling them that she is engaged.

At night, everyone is celebrating Christmas, and Shibu finds his lost pocket of money, which contains a photo of a girl. Jason is scolded by his father and sister for being spoiled. Here Shibu goes to his home, and his father works to make crackers at home, he tells him that Dasan’s sister Usha has come, she has been abandoned by her man and you stay away from her. Shibu is happy to hear that, Shibu tells his father. Hai helps with the work but Shibu leaves without listening to him. He tells him that you will also die by drowning like his mother.

Jason sneaks off to meet Bincy dressed as Santa Claus, at the same time Saajan brings Bincy’s fiance Anish, Jason hides under the bed. Here Shibu goes on a boat to see Usha near the river. Seeing Usha from a distance, Shibu remembers his past. In school, Shibu likes Usha very much and keeps on seeing her. On the other hand, seeing Bincy and Aneesh, Jason goes back to his past. Bincy and Jason start dating in college

Jason then comes out of his past and sees Bincy and Aneesh talking in front of him. Taking off his mask of Santacruz, he starts getting angry at both of them, then Sajan takes out the gun and starts killing him. Just then, lightning flashes in the sky and a lightning bolt falls on Jason and Shibu. Shibu is following Usha from the boat. People pick up Jason and take him to the hospital. Jason passes out and makes a full recovery. In the later days, many signs of superpowers start appearing in Jason and Shibu. Binky’s wedding magazine arrives at Jason’s house. Dasan is working in Jason’s tailor shop. He asks Jason for money for his niece’s medical treatment but Jason refuses to say he has no money.

There is a girl taking karate classes in the village

Bruce Lee is Busy and Jason goes to get his passport. Meanwhile, Biji is beating up Anish as he is her ex-boyfriend who had come to give her the wedding card. Jason’s nephew Josemone is surprised to see his superpowers. As it is raining outside, Usha and Dasan stay for a while at the teapot. Shibu is overjoyed to see Usha suddenly in front of him.

One day Jason’s brother-in-law, Constable Sibi Pothan, quarrels with his wife and beats her up. Jason’s father, who came in between, also pushes Barki. Enraged by this, Jason pushed Pothan and Pothan fell into a well everyone present was shocked by his strength. Seeing the change in Jason, Josemon concludes that Jason has got superpowers. On the other hand, Shibu also comes to know about his superpowers. Josemon asks Jason to test his superpowers. Usha comes to Shibu’s teapot where its owner forces himself on Usha. Shibu is furious and threatens Malik with his powers to stay away from Usha. Meanwhile, Jason’s plans to move to the United States come to an unexpected halt as his passport verification does not go through after Saajan’s intervention.

Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film
Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam language superhero film

Keshav comes to ask for Usha’s hand but Usha refuses Dasan tells him that he has taken a loan from Keshav when his father is ill. Then Usha agrees to the marriage. Usha is sitting outside the house when Shibu Usha’s umbrella was left in the teapot. When he comes to return, Usha’s daughter suddenly falls due to dizziness. On the other hand, Jason goes to the police station to see why his passport to go to the United States was rejected, where Sajan tells him that you are a homeless person, his father’s name is Martin, who died in a firecracker warehouse fire while performing in a fair. And that day you lost your memory, since then you have been brought up by Barki. Jason gets sad hearing all this. Varky tells Jason that he didn’t tell the truth earlier because he was afraid that Jason would leave him.

On the other hand, in the hospital, the doctor says that Usha’s daughter has to be operated on now, otherwise she will die. Shibu says that he will pay for the operation. Varky tells Jason that his father died while saving the lives of people trapped in the fire. When Jason comes to know that Saajan killed Varky, Jason gets furious and with the help of Josemone puts on a mask on his face and goes to Josemone’s school anniversary where many policemen including Saajan are present. Jason attacks those policemen. He writes the name Minnal Murali on the screen in front of the stage of the anniversary celebration, named after a character from Martin’s unfinished play. Shibu also robs the bathing back wearing a mask. Because he needs that money for the operation of Usha’s daughter. In the village, there is only one person who kills the police and robs the bank. Such discussions happen everywhere.

Jason accidentally boards Bincy and Anish’s wedding bus. Jason starts getting out of the car when Josemon interrupts him when Lizzie asks him to come along. To go to America, Jason used to save money in his tailor’s shop, and that money gets stolen. This money was stolen by Dasan for the operation. When Jason comes to know, Jason gets angry with Dasan and gives them time till evening to return the money. Is. Usha also slowly starts liking Shibu but Dasan rejects her. Jason realizes his mistake after being persuaded by his sister and father and goes to apologize to Dasan. Here Shibu goes to meet Dasan at Jason’s shop and asks him for Usha’s hand but Dasan scolds him by calling him mad. Accusing Dasan of being a hindrance between him and Usha, Shibu kills Dasan and burns down Jason’s shop. Minnal again blames Murli.

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