Megan Fox Shares Stunning New Bikini Pics

Megan Fox has shared yet another attention-grabbing series of bikini shots to her Instagram.

Photographer Cibelle Levi’s shots of Fox had fans falling over themselves in the comments. Shots of her reflective bikini and body suit on a dark beach have garnered almost 2.5 million likes in just one day. In the caption, Fox doesn’t elaborate much but certainly adds to the effect of the photos. “cliodhna, queen of the banshees,” it reads.

Megan Fox Shares Stunning New Bikini Pics
Megan Fox Shares Stunning New Bikini Pics

The post dropped just a few days after a clip of Megan Fox and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly went viral over the weekend. During a trip to the Orange County Fair over the weekend the pair were harassed by a random stranger that was eventually taken down by MGK’s security. In the days since, MGK has clarified the situation with a series of tweets. First, he explained the reason why the stranger was paying attention to them and he reportedly called Fox “beautiful as f*ck.” After rumors persisted that Machine Gun Kelly was punched by the attacker, he clarified that too. In a tweet referencing the situation he said “no one ever punched me.”


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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly had some turbulent moments earlier this year. Thankfully, the pair seemed to smooth things out. While the pair’s wedding plans have been halted they’re still enjoying things together. Megan Fox showed up at one of Machine Gun Kelly’s recent concerts in Berlin. That came just a few weeks after the pair were spotted together at the launch event for the SI Swimsuit edition.

The most recent controversy the pair have weathered came when they were apart for Machine Gun Kelly’s birthday festivities. While the story seemed significant at first they quickly shut it down by appearing at a series of events together. Megan Fox has also kept herself busy being as willing as ever to comment on various matters through social media. What do you think of Megan Fox’s new bikini pics? Let us know in the comment section below.

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