Madonna Announced Tour After 4 Decades, Tickets Would Be On Sale Soon!

Madonna has started her tour called The Celebration Tour and here is everything that one needs to know. We have seen a lot of celebrities coming back after so many years and deciding to treat their fans.

Whether it is related to releasing any new song or any album or event coming with news toward or project, we have seen all kinds of such things in the past few weeks.

And if we talk specifically related to the music industry then an album and tour things have always gained highlight. In specific tours then a lot of celebrities are ready to kick it after so many years.

Madonna Announced Tour After 4 Decades, Tickets Would Be On Sale Soon!
Madonna Announced Tour After 4 Decades, Tickets Would Be On Sale Soon!

Among them is the iconic singer Madonna who has decided to come after almost 40 years. Madonna has decided to go with many of her hit songs released in the 20th century or the early days of the 21st century. These songs include Lucky Star, Holiday, Like A Virgin, Justify My Love, Rays Of Light, and Music.

Madonna: When Will Tour Tickets Will Be on Sale?

Madonna has always been an amazing force in the industry whether she releases any new song or not. She has always managed to top the chart whenever she releases a new song.


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And that’s the reason why she again got all the news related to her 2023 tour called Madonna: The Celebration Tour. This will go across 35 cities in 2023 and it was announced on 17th January 2023. The announcement came with a video that has given tribute to her movie.

We talk about any other celebrities that might come then it goes with Lil WayneDiploMeg StalterJack BlackJudd Apatow, and more.

After releasing this video a lot of fans were shocked. They were not at all believe that it is finally going to happen almost after 4 decades.

Some of the fans came on the comment section and said how they are excited about this tour while others said they are immediately going to buy the tickets.

Coming to the information on tickets, they will be on sale from 20 January 2023. The sale will last till 27 January 2023 with a local time. One can go and visit the website of Madonna which is ready to sell tickets and handle every query.

Coming to cities then it includes Saint Paul, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, and many more. New York will have 2 shows, the first will go on 23 August 2023 at Madison Square Garden and the second will be followed after one day on 24 August 2023 at the same place.

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