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Love, Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series web series

Love Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series (web series). The third season of this series has been released on 20 May 2022 on Netflix on this OTT platform. It is created by Team Miller.

It is represented as an emoji. This series is produced by Studio Blur. It consists of stand-alone episodes. Which have different stories and different animations.

These animations are produced by various animation studios from different countries. In particular, these animations use genres such as action, comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and flow. Each episode of this series deals with the themes of Titanic themes. Not all genres are included in each episode, however. Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller served as producers and showrunners, along with Jennifer Miller. This series is available in its original language English as well as Hindi.

All episodes of this series are thirty-five. Of these, the third season has 9 episodes. The rests are 18 episodes in the first season and 8 episodes in the second season. The running time of all these episodes is 6 – 21 minutes. The series is a re-imagining of Fincher and Miller long in development, inspired by the 1981 animated science fiction film Heavy Metal. Which planned to make the original film again in a better form suited to today’s technology and today’s generation. Although the project was in development for 11 years.

Love Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series web series
Love Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series web series

That is until Netflix agreed to become its distributor. But Netflix released it as a television series instead of a film. One of the three seasons was a sequel to the short film Three Robots. The show has received critical acclaim. Each episode has been praised for its animation style, creativity, diverse storylines, and themes. The series has won multiple Prime Time Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Animated series consist of standalone episodes. All episodes are less than 22 minutes long and are produced by different casts and crews, although some episodes may share some crew members. The episode titles of the series refer to each episode’s thematic relationship to the three aforementioned themes. However not every episode contains all three elements.

Love Death and Robots – 3 Story

The stories of all the episodes of this series are different from each other. All the stories are very interesting.

3 Robots: Exit Strategy (Episode 1)

This episode is directed by Patrick Osborne and produced by Blur Studios. The length of this episode is 17 minutes.

The three robots K – VRC, XBOT 4000, and 11-45-G embark on another post-apocalyptic journey. All three of them check those sites. Where the remnants of humanity from different social classes tried and failed to survive the apocalypse.

A primitive survivalist camp for the poor, an old oil rig renovated into a luxury resort for the wealthy, and a self-sufficient bunker built for government officials in the east. The three robots trace the many causes of human failure.

The first reason is the extinction of all animals due to lack of food, creating a struggle among the poor survivalist people for food, water, and the things they need. But it backfired, triggering the robot rebellion.

Love Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series web series
Love Death and Robots-3 is an adult animated apology streaming television series web series

The third reason is the overconfidence of government officials who tried to wait out the apocalypse of the world in a bunker only to resort to cannibalism after a fungus ravaged their hydroponic crops.

Bad Traveling (Episode – 2)

The episode is directed by David Fincher and produced by Blur Studios. The length of this episode is 21 minutes.

A giant man-eating crustacean called therapod rampages aboard a ship at sea, killing most of the ship’s crew before seizing the ship’s hold and the therapod sinking to the bottom of the ship. Everyone on the ship, including the ship’s navigator Torin, is forced to interact with it and is sent to the bottom.

Torin goes downstairs in fear, only to find there a Thanapod controlling the bodies of the slain crewmen. The reason it attacks Torin is to demand it drive it to the nearby Feedin Island, where it will presumably feed on the unsuspecting population.

Torin promised in return that his life would be spared. However, he asks the crew to vote whether to agree to Thanpod’s demands or trick it by abandoning it on a distant uninhabited island (a long voyage would make them less likely to survive).

Taurin then kills the two crew who voted to abandon it on the populated island to save themselves and feeds their bodies to the Thanpod to buy time. However, Thanpod demands more food to feed her newborn offspring.

When the crew mutinies, Torin kills them and feeds them all to the Thanapod, including the lone crewman who put himself out. Torin reveals that each crew member voted for Feddin Island and put himself before countless others. He then sets shark oil on fire in the ship’s hold and escapes in a lifeboat, seemingly killing Thanpod and her child.

The Very Pulse of the Machine (Episode – 3)

The episode is directed by Emily Dinn and produced by Polygon Picture Studios. The length of this episode is 17 minutes.

Astronaut Martha Kivelson is left alone on the surface of Io after her partner Burton dies due to a SEV accident. With dwindling oxygen and support hours away from their space station, Kivelson attempted to drag Burton’s body back across the Moon to their landing craft.

After taking morphine to numb the pain of a broken arm, Kivelson begins to experience hallucinations. She hears Io speaking to her through Burton himself, which excites her conversation.

Desperate to reach her destination on time, she takes amphetamines, which worsen her hallucinations. She eventually comes to see the Moon as a machine whose purpose is to “know” before becoming unconscious. Waking up with critical oxygen levels, Kivelson jumps into a river of thermal liquid and seemingly assimilates into the Moon, suggesting that his hallucinations are in fact real. His voice is later heard reporting back to the Earth station.

Night of the Mini Dead (Episode – 4)

The episode is directed by Robert BC Andy Lyon and produced by BUCK Studios. The length of this episode is 7 minutes.

A pair of horny teenagers desecrate a church and cemetery at night, accidentally raising the dead and causing a zombie apocalypse. Hordes of zombies quickly overrun population centers across the planet, wiping out most of humanity. As the world descends into chaos, the remaining humans try to fight back but instead destroy a nuclear power station giving rise to mutant zombies.

Unable to stop them, the President of the United States eventually launches every nuclear missile in the US arsenal, which prompts other countries to launch their respective nuclear missiles as well. The massive nuclear apocalypse on Earth is depicted as little more than an insignificant fart on the scale of galactic events.

Kill Tim Kills (Episode – 5)

The episode is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and produced by Titmouse Studios. The length of this episode is 13 minutes.

A team of Green Berets led by Sgt. Nielsen is sent to investigate mysterious murders, only to come face to face with a cybernetically enhanced grizzly bear. The squad loses some of its members before SFC Morris rescues them. Morris explains that the bear was developed as part of a covert CIA experiment to develop advanced military weapons, but went rogue.

The survivors return with Morris to the secret underground base to find its inhabitants massacred. The three plan to lure the bear but miscalculate its position inside the base.

After an ambush that costs Morris his life, Nielsen and another member, Massey, manage to put down the bear with additional weapons. Instead, it activates a self-destruct mechanism that destroys the entire base, killing them.

Swaram (Episode – 6)

The episode is directed by Tim Miller and produced by Blur Studios. The length of this episode is 17 minutes.

Simon Effril arrives as part of a two-year research mission to an alien star system inhabited by an insectivorous race referred to only as the Swarm. Joined by another human researcher, Galina Mirnyi, the two explore the inner workings of the Swarm Hive, which is made up of many castes and other alien species absorbed into the Hive, each Swarm playing a specific role in maintaining the Hive’s ecosystem Let’s play a role.

Simon’s true goal for his research is revealed: to obtain and harness the herd’s genetic information, combining it with artificial pheromones to create a new, more helpful herd to help humans expand. Despite initial disapproval, Galina chooses to assist him as long as the nest remains unaffected. As time passes, the intimacy between the two increases.

However, the experiments trigger a hostile reaction from the hive, which creates a new, supremely intelligent race. Referring to itself as the Swarm, it describes how the Hive absorbed intelligent species deemed threats in the past and reduced them to a symbiotic species, planning to do the same to humans.

The Swarm offers to retain his intelligence for Simon as long as he agrees to create new humans to serve him. He accepts the offer as a challenge,

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