Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Are Dating?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented actor. He’s famous for many movies that the characters who played him know. But this is not the only thing Leo is best known for.

Leonardo is famous in the industry for dating many models and breaking up with them when they turn 25. Well, that’s a topic for some other day.

Coming back to the model thing, Leo has been in the news a lot of time because of his dating scenes with famous models in the industry. And this time, his name is linked to none other than Victoria Lamas.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Are Dating?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Are Dating?

So what’s the fuzz all about? Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas, or is it just a rumor? Read the article further to know more.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Victoria Lamas on a Dinner Date.

If we go by the facts, Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria are not quite dating. Although both the celebs sat at the same restaurant table, they weren’t there for a date.

The not-so-couple went there for a family dinner. And this is verified by a Hollywood insider. The insider had a chat with Page 6.

The source confirmed that the actors are “not dating.” The insider further said, “Both were seated (not next to each other) at a big group dinner. Several other people in the car also joined them.“

Well, considering the source’s words, it kind of looks like this was all just a big rumor. But despite this fact, the duo was seen enjoying quality time together as seen in the photos captured by the Daily Mail.


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The 48-year-old Titanic actor was seen leaving The Bird Streets Club together while dressed in black attire. Well, if judged by Leo’s past dating scenes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the duo is seen together in the upcoming future.

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for dating models nearly half his age. Recently, he was seen going all cozy with 27-year-old Gigi Hadid at a friend’s party.

Leo was seen laying his hands on Gigi several times. A source informed the industry the duo has been on various dates and is “taking it slow.”

Before that, DiCaprio broke up with Camila Morrone this summer shortly after the model turned 25.

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