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#LeenaManimekalai, Kaali poster: Hindus should send their sentiments on leave permanently

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People of Left ideology have taken the contract to spread such hate propaganda against Hinduism. Leena Manimekalai is also no different from them. They have trouble with the arrest of Mohammad Zubair. But, seeing Maa Kali smoking a cigarette is part of her creative freedom.

First, know the news that #ArrestLeenaManimekalai is trending on social media. To arrest Meena Manimekalai, users are demanding action by tagging from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the PMO. Well, the reason behind this social media trend is not new. Indian filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has shared the poster of a documentary film. In which the goddess Kali of Hinduism is shown smoking a cigarette. In this poster, the flag of the LGBTQ community is also visible in the hands of Maa Kali. The name of this documentary film by director, poet, and actor Leena Manimekalai is Kali. On whose poster people are furious on social media. These users believe that Leena Manimekalai has insulted the goddess of Hinduism.


There are some inbuilt disadvantages of being generous.

People’s throats are slit in Udaipur and Amravati for alleged insults to Prophet Muhammad. And, many people who support Nupur Sharma are being threatened with ‘beheading.’ So Leena Manimekalai’s hurt feelings toward Hindus must be tested. Because when the Supreme Court has held Nupur Sharma responsible for every incident in the country. So, what difference does it make if the sentiments of the Hindu community are hurt? Anyway, the feelings of Hindus in India have become such that anyone who comes and breaks them easily. It has been written that being an Indian filmmaker, Leena Manimekalai has the right to exercise her freedom of expression.

The poster of Manimekalai’s film Kali is going to hurt the sentiments of the people of the Hindu religion. But, this is something that people of the Hindu religion will have to face for life. And the reason for this is that being generous also has some disadvantages. Voices of protest will be raised on social media. Leena Manimekalai may also be arrested for inciting religious sentiments. But, these things will continue uninterrupted because people of secular and liberal classes, along with leftist ideology in India, will never stop supporting Leena Manimekalai on the insult of Hinduism.

Feminists are sure to get support!

Even though the poster of Leena Manimekalai’s film Kali will hurt the sentiments of Hinduism, it is sure to get the support of many feminists in India itself. It is written that these feminist women, who talk about women’s rights, will be ready to fight with anyone to protect the rights of Kali, the goddess of Hinduism.

It is possible that on this poster, an argument can be made on behalf of the feminists that when Lord Shiva smokes, then why should this right be taken away from Maa Kali? It is a different matter that the character of Goddess Kali of Hinduism in the film has been chosen to hurt the sentiments of Hindus. But, what difference does it make? Maa Kali must get the right to smoke.

Supporters of cinematic freedom will be together.

There is a large section in India that is a supporter of cinematic freedom and creativity. And seeing Maa Kali smoking a cigarette will be called a symbol of cinematic liberty. Because, with this creative freedom given to art, Lord Shiva can be made to run to the toilet, so what is the big deal of showing Maa Kali smoking a cigarette? In the name of modern art and free speech, such things have been done to Hindu gods and goddesses for a long time. And supporters of cinematic freedom will celebrate this move of Leena Manimekalai.

my opinion

By the way, after seeing this poster, it can be said that Hindus should send their feelings about leaving permanently. Because, in this case, if someone’s feelings flared up. And he took the path like Udaipur and Amravati. So, only the Supreme Court can take suo moto cognizance of it. Otherwise, such things have been going on for so many years. By the way, Leena Manimekalai will save herself from this matter by calling herself an atheist. And, there will be no shortage of campaigners on social media for them.

Now for making fun of Hinduism, there is no threat like ‘head tan se judas. So, what will happen at most? Bail will also be granted immediately after arrest because the lobby running the Left agenda will not lag in using its resources for Leena Manimekalai. Excellent articles will be written in the country’s media and abroad in favor of Leena by talking about the harassment of the woman. And along with Hinduism, India will also be cursed because the agenda of the Left ideology is to target only Hinduism by showing itself as a progressive.

Well, it is better to forget the matter by blaming Nupur Sharma for this poster of Leena Manimekalai’s film Kali. Because at present, there is no blasphemy law in India. Yes, Hindus can protest if they want those smoking cigarettes is wrong and causes cancer. But, apart from this, it cannot be opposed to insulting the deities. By the way, the critical question is, why do people like Leena need any Hindu gods and goddesses to speak their minds?

The author has expressed his personal views in this article. It is not necessary that chowk. India Today Group agrees with them. Only the author is responsible for all claims or objections related to this article.

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