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Know Why Millennials Are Always On The Verge Of Exhaustion. Is It Because Of Stress Or Expectations Or Pressure?

Emotional exhaustion, which is frequently confused with sadness, is a condition that occurs as a result of a person’s exposure to intense stress. The HOD at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram, Kamna Chibber elaborated.

Anne Helen Petersen, an American-based Journalist, and Writer refer to millennials as the “burnout generation.” In her famous book ‘ Can’t Even: How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation, she investigates how burnout is gradually becoming a pervasive part of modern culture, impacted by deep-rooted political, historical, and economic pressures. While Petersen outlines the suffering of many of these youngsters in the United States, the scenario is similar in other countries, including India. Burnout has become a defining element of the life of millennials and post-millennials, individuals born after 1981 who are perpetually weary.

“Because of the behavior of my job, I usually get burnout,” claimed a 26-year-old Mumbai-based IT professional. Another millennial in Bengaluru who works as kind of a functional consultant agreed. It’s critical to distinguish stress from other mental health illnesses before exploring more into the elements that lead to burnout and how to recover.

Now you must be wondering what exactly burnout or exhaustion or stress is? Let’s understand the same:

Burnout, which is sometimes mistaken as depression, is a syndrome that occurs as a result of an individual’s exposure to high stress, according to Dr. Kamna Chhibber, The HOD of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

Burnout can cause stressful feelings of physical and mental exhaustion as a result of prolonged stress. Daily duties such as work, caring for others, and juggling multiple commitments can be difficult. Dr. Preeti Singh, at Paras Hospitals, Gurugram, says and further adds, “Depression symptoms, especially burnout, may impact and disturb your daily life.”

Know The Primary Symptoms And Signs:

Stress and anxiety have become typical phenomena in an age where everyone is consistently racing to achieve their goals and complete their allotted chores. However, if you’re having trouble concentrating, exhaustion, sleepiness, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, as well as feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness, you’re probably burnt out.

“Feeling emotionally drained, workload, lack of management, poor reward, absence of fairness, community, competing values, headaches, biological process difficulties, muscle stress, high force per unit area, lack of desire, self-doubt,” Dr. Rizvi stated.

What Causes Millennials To Become Burned Out?

“Burnout developed for me due to me taking on more work than I could do and also due to lack of limits at work, which finally caused a great deal of work pressure,” the 25-year-old Bengaluru-based IT professional explained. As a result, I experienced irritation, a persistent sense of disengagement, and eventually a loss of motivation.”

Pandemic And Stress:

According to Dr. Singh, burnout rates soared drastically during the pandemic due to the inability to separate between work and home, as well as considering moving to another part of the planet.

Know Why Millennials Are Always On The Verge Of Exhaustion. Is It Because Of Stress Or Expectations Or Pressure?
Know Why Millennials Are Always On The Verge Of Exhaustion. Is It Because Of Stress Or Expectations Or Pressure?

The solution:

Experts say that putting together a strong support system is critical to getting out of this position. “If you can have an environment where you can just go out and speak your mind, it will allow you to recognize – first, that you wouldn’t be the only human who is experiencing issues, and second, that there may be remedies that your conscience is not capable of coming up with and if you develop tunnel vision when you are having difficulties,” Dr. Chhibber explained. In case you’re striving hard to find an optimal solution over and over. So speaking to others can give you a different viewpoint, which can be quite beneficial.”

What is your perspective on managing stress amongst Millenials!? Drop your views in the comment section below! Also, do not forget to subscribe and follow to UniFast News for such amazing facts!

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