Kim Kardashian Pouting With Daughter Chicago In Bikini

Kim Kardashian again rocked her look in a bikini while blowing kisses with her daughter Chicago in a selfie. There are a lot of celebrities who don’t even hesitate a single time or think twice while uploading an amazing picture of themselves in a bikini.

Whether it is related to their fashion sense or their boldness, everything falls into the category which was appreciated by fans. And that’s why celebrities get motivated and feed their fans with their new looks.

Something like this happened when Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of herself and her daughter in a bikini. The 42-year-old reality star is not shy about showing off her body figure.


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And that’s what happened on 22 December 2022 as Kim Kardashian shared a fantastic snapshot with her 4-year-old daughter giving a kissing face to the camera.

Kim Kardashian Wearing Bikini While Pouting With Daughter Chicago!!

The photo was black, and white Kim Kardashian was wearing a bikini top and big huge goggles that have become her signature. But, when it comes to her 4-year-old daughter Chicago, she was wearing a swimsuit while making the same face as her mother. In addition, the hair of Kim Kardashian’s was tied up in a bun, while Chicago’s hair was wet.

In the caption, Kim Kardashian has just written “my baby” and added an emoji of a pink heart. Behind these two, one can easily see the background filled with Palm trees and two-story homes. It is unclear whether the photo was taken from any vocation or elsewhere.

Kim Kardashian Pouting With Daughter Chicago In Bikini
Kim Kardashian Pouting With Daughter Chicago In Bikini

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has uploaded a selfie of herself in a bikini look as she has already done on 20 December 2022. It was related to a selfie the reality star had taken through a window. With this selfie, she is looking back to the year 2022 and the things she has done or learned.

Coming to the Christmas thing, Kim and her whole family are already ready for Christmas. A few days back, Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a red sweatshirt and Pajamas with a Christmas theme while spending time with her children and nieces.

The children were seen playing around Kim Kardashian while she enjoyed all this time.

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