Kim Kardashian Looked Back At 2022 In A Bikini Look!!

Kim Kardashian was recently seen in a bikini look while reflecting on her life in the year 2022. Fashion has become not just a statement for celebrities, but it has also become a business and an everyday life thing.

Whether it is related to their bikini look, which feels very comfortable, or just their everyday look, everything falls on the expectation of fashion. So if we talk about 2022, it has become a year of style in many aspects.

This happened recently when Kim Kardashian came on Instagram and shared a quick selfie of a backside. She has also reflected upon the going year while uploading these pictures on 19 December 2022. The image is a selfie in a glass door reflection where she was seen stringing herself around for it.


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Kim Kardashian was wearing her long platinum hair in a straight style where a beach scene with trees can be seen in the background. Coming to the caption, she has written that she is looking back at 2022 with an emoji.

Here you can check out Kim Kardashian looking back to 2022.

The reality star has shared these pictures with her 336 million followers. Many fans started commenting and appreciating her beauty as soon as she uploaded these pictures. Some called it iconic, while others called that she is the queen. Some fans have also enjoyed her overall hair look, while others commented upon the great year 2022.

The year 2022 for Kim Kardashian has relieved a roller coaster. She has dealt with many things this year regarding her love life. First, she finalized her divorce from Kanye West, which started in February 2021 and ended in November 2022. The divorce has settled with $ 200000 per month for child support.

Kim Kardashian Looked Back At 2022 In A Bikini Look!!
Kim Kardashian Looked Back At 2022 In A Bikini Look!!

Apart from divorce, Kim Kardashian was very much in the news about her nine-month relationship with Pete Davidson. The couple has gained a lot of attention but was unable to grow in the last half of 2022 as Kanye West interfered in their relationship continuously. Coming to Kanye West then, his antisemitic statement, attacked Kim Kardashian and her whole family.

Whatever drama Kanye West has created has affected Kim Kardashian in all ways. The mother of four doesn’t want to get into it, but somehow she was involved.

According to the source: “She does not want to get locked into anything right now. Her feelings for Pete were strong, but she knows now that it was lust that she was driven by and not love.”

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