Kavya’s affair with other men! ‘Anupama’ will cry tears of blood

Due to its twists and turns, the serial ‘Anupama’ has captured the hearts of fans and the list of TRPs. Seeing the show so far, it is known that the distance between Anuj and Anupama is increasing daily. On the other hand, Devika and Anuj’s close friend Dheeraj will be seen trying his best to save their relationship. Despite this, upheavals are going to increase in Anupama’s life.

Vanraj will catch Kavya red-handed (Anupamaa Upcoming Spoiler)

In the upcoming episode (Anupamaa Upcoming Spoiler) of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s starrer show ‘Anupama,’ it will be seen that Kavya returns home late from the shoot. During this, some men in the car come to drop him home. Seeing this, Vanraj gets angry, and the people of the locality also start questioning Kavya’s character. When Kavya is asked about this, she clarifies that the men are her crew members. Apart from this, Kavya calls Vanraj by his full name instead of V, which leaves Vanraj shocked.

Anupama-Anuj’s growing distance

In the upcoming episode of the show (Anupamaa Upcoming Twist), it will be seen that seeing the growing distance between Anupamaa and Anuj, Dheeraj will try to convince Anuj. Dheeraj will say that when you can do anything for Chhoti for just three months of love, how can Bhabhi forget her kids? Dheeraj will explain to Anuj that Anupama has spent 26 years in the Shah family. In such a situation, even if she wants to, she cannot completely break the relationship with that house.

Samar will tell Dimple about his heart.

Apart from all this, Samar expresses his love for Dimple. First, Samar will say he likes her, leaving Dimple stunned and silent. After this, Samar will explain that he wants her, and she had to speak her heart which she did.

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