Kate Beckinsale Shows off Her Amazing Legs in Bikini

Kate Beckinsale, 49, will always be funny, especially if she keeps coming up with her witty captions and cute pictures on Instagram. The actress had a fun-filled summer with her girlfriend Gabriella Claire Morpeth, a Hollywood stylist, and they played dress-up all summer long.

In her latest IG post, Beckinsale joked about giving birth as she posed with Morpeth by her pool.

Beckinsale wore an orange bandeau bikini top and platform sandals that showed off her long legs. The actress sat on the edge of her pool lounger and spread her legs as if crowning a black floral sundress between her legs.

Kate Beckinsale Shows off Her Amazing Legs in Bikini
Kate Beckinsale Shows off Her Amazing Legs in Bikini

Here you can check out some recent posts of Kate Beckinsale.

The pose looked like Beckinsale was giving birth to Morpeth, and the actress proved it with her caption: “Having a baby”(birth of an infanta) Both wore black sunglasses, but the actress wore her dark blonde hair in a ponytail while the stylist wore it long and curly in a platinum blonde shade.

Last week, the duo debuted their mermaid fins in a new post along with a cute dance they did. On Saturday, they took it up a notch and moved from the pool beds to the beach, cosplaying as real mermaids. Beckinsale then traded her flippers for snorkeling gear to explore the depths of the ocean.

The following slides showed that she had her daughter Lily with her on summer vacation. The actress also changed into other swimwear and cover-ups (perks of being friends with a stylist.)

Luxury living with Willow A Clive

Beckinsale’s cats Clive and Willow were noticeably absent from the party, but there’s no doubt they were relaxing at home. Due to their long cohabitation, homesick cats can have fun just like their human owner.

Before her trip with Lily and Morpeth, Beckinsale relaxed by the pool with them over the summer. They were lying on the floats enjoying the warm weather as seen in the post above.

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