Kahani is a bang on treat

Kahani music video was released this New Year & the music video consist of true events
Inspired from many lives of youngsters

Nowadays, how long friendship is exists? what is loyalty?
What is the relationship? What is a true friendship?
What is the meaning of success?

There are a lot of theories and methods which are disclosed in this rap Kahani

Adnan, MKDM wrote this song a long back ago , finally things came closer and the project is very well executed

Kahani is a bang on treat
Kahani is a bang on treat

The project has been shot on the banner of Sadhu Kabra films

Director Sadhu Kabra has put his vision to audience, where the subject can be seen alone in this world

Know any other person can be seen in this video except the artist

Artist is literally , telling the story
And we get to see amazing awesome views in this scenario

It is a well viewed video on this channel, as it is the second music video of the Artist,MKDM

There was a time where , artist open up
That he wasn’t appreciated by audience. He is raps were criticised a lot

His friends never supported him, told him that his voice is not that audible not that sweet
He shouldn’t try into singing and Artist later added

He always used to write poems. He always used to write some real life observational stories.

Out of nowhere, a lot of search rap songs came out

And we are very honest that one day this artist AdnanMKDM
Will be liked by his old friends, his new fans and will always love them back

Cheers to Adnan, MKDM

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