Johnny Depp to return in the next part of Pirates of the Caribbean!?

It started with the first movie in 2003 and continued with the action thriller film series with a total of 5 films till now. Unfortunately, there was no update regarding the next movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series UNTIL NOW! Years passed since the last release in 2017 ( Salazar’s Revenge ), and fans eagerly awaited notification of the next release. Their wait ended when the film series producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke on the subject in an interview with The Sunday Times. Read further to know what he has to say about the return of Johnny Depp in his next film.

Johnny Depp to return in the next part of Pirates of the Caribbean!?
Is Johnny Depp to return in the next part of Pirates of the Caribbean!?

Bruckheimer currently has many projects on his plate, which include developing the scripts for the next Pirates of the Caribbean films, he confirmed in the interview. The question of returning Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow arose in the discussion, to which the producer said, “Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.”

Johnny Depp, too has a lot on his plate, considering the legal allegations put on him by Amber Heard. During those legal proceedings, Depp was asked whether he was keen on returning to his Oscar-nominated role. But his response could have been more favorable for his fans as he said he had no desire to do such a thing given that he has not watched the previous films!

Upon hearing this, instead of being disappointed, fans still run various campaigns and petitions worldwide to bring back Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, and around 100,000 people have signed it till now.

One thing is clear from the side of all the fans they will not watch the movie if Johnny Depp is not in it. And many others have agreed to the fact the movie series would not be the same without him. And from the producer’s comment, it is possible that the actor can return for the 6th part of this movie!

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