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Jason Momoa Was Seen Shirtless While Tending To Vintage Bike!

Jason Momoa was seen shirtless while tending to his vintage bike. There are a lot of celebrities who have a different love for their vehicles or their things. Whether it is related to the items essential for their career or just a regular hobby, they carry these things.

Some are vehicles like cars and luxurious bikes, while others are related to vintage cars or vintage bikes. If we talk about such things, then celebrities always try to take care of them as if these things are their kids.

Something like this has recently happened as we have spotted the actor Jason Momoa looking handsome while standing on his motorcycle.

The 43-year-old actor, who got his name through his film Aquaman, has recently shown off his muscles. He was shirtless while tending to his vintage motorcycle on 21 December 2022.

It was in Malibu, as his entire body was displayed while wearing black shorts. His long hair of brown color was tied up in a bun, and his beard was shaved from the side.

Here you can check out some pictures of Jason Momoa Riding his Vintage Bike Shirtless.

Jason Momoa Was Seen Shirtless While Tending To Vintage Bike!
Jason Momoa Was Seen Shirtless While Tending To Vintage Bike!

The actor, Jason Momoa, was in good spirits as he was also showing off his tattoo and answering phone calls. The actor has also showed off his arm muscle while delivering a Christmas tree to Lisa Bonet in Malibu. This happened in the same week while he looked handsome again in a shirt.

Coming to the relationship between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, the couple separated in January 2022 after five years of marriage. But when it comes to the current scenario, the couple has a civil relationship.

However, last month, the actor was seen enjoying his trip with martial artists King Ryan and Sonny. He was again showing off his body shirtless and just wearing traditional undergarments. One can see a beautiful view in the background and also his tattoo.

Jason Momoa was also seen amazingly while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and explaining it. He explained his new series called Chief of War, where he said: “It’s all 1780s, 1790s Hawaii. That’s what I wear every day. I was getting ready for the role cause I like to get into character, so I was tanning my white a**.”

With this extensive and fit body, the actor does not mind showing almost every aspect of it. And when it comes to the secret, he revealed it as a workout in the morning.

Then after said he loves to do workouts outside, and it generally involves swimming, climbing, and boxing. Apart from it, he also goes surfing and skateboarding.

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