James Cameron: James Cameron told Ram Charan’s character in RRR challenging, said this about Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli directed the film ‘RRR’ starring Jr NTR and Ram Charan has managed to create a place in everyone’s heart. Then whether it is the people of the country or foreign fans. Hollywood’s famous filmmaker James Cameron‘s name is also included in the list of fans of ‘RRR‘. James Cameron has sung ballads in praise of ‘RRR’ and its stars many times before. But they are praised that they are not even taking the name of the ending. Recently James Cameron has once again praised Ram Charan, an artist associated with ‘RRR’.

James Cameron: James Cameron told Ram Charan's character in RRR challenging, said this about Rajamouli
James Cameron: James Cameron told Ram Charan’s character in RRR challenging, said this about Rajamouli

In an interview given to an international media organization, he talked about Ram Charan’s character in ‘RRR’. Speaking openly about Alluri Sitarama Raju, played by Ram Charan, James Cameron said that somewhere in the last part of the film, you understand the role of Ram, which shakes people’s hearts. Cameron also recalled his meeting with SS Rajamouli.

James Cameron has been a fan of ‘RRR’ for a long time and in a recent interview he spoke about the film and proved once again that the film left a deep impression on his mind and heart. James Cameron talks, ‘The journey you go on after watching this film is quite interesting. Especially after passing about two-thirds of this film, we can understand the character of Ram, which was quite challenging. You finally get to understand what’s going on in her mind and the truth of it is quite heartwarming. I think it is a win and I told this to Rajamouli personally recently. But, we didn’t get much time to talk. I would love to talk to him more.

Significantly, James Cameron has praised SS Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ on many occasions before. He told that he has seen the film twice. Cameron also saw the film with his wife, after which they both called and spoke to Rajamouli. Not only this, but Cameron has also offered Rajamouli to make a film in Hollywood.

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