New Delhi, The name of Instagram is known as Meta’s popular social media platform. Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram creates a special place in the hearts of its users because of its features. Instagram is a favorite platform, especially for the youth generation.

Instagram not only allows the user to make new friends but also becomes a platform to show the user’s talent to the world through reels, and short videos. Users also get the facility of new filters on Instagram for clicking pictures. This is the reason why Instagram attracts many users.

When did it happen, who is the co-founder of Instagram

Meta’s name comes up as the parent company of Instagram. Meta introduced this social media platform in the year 2010. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are named as co-founders of Instagram.

Kevin is an American computer programmer. He has been the former CEO of Instagram. Mike Krieger is a Brazilian-American businessman. Presently he works in an Artificial Intelligence-based news portal.

One of the best platforms for creators from all over the world – Instagram

In its official blog post, the company claims that Instagram works to enhance the creativity of the user. Instagram users are all over the world. The company serves as a medium for nearly 1 billion people from different countries to showcase and share their talents.

Not only reels but also options for shopping, messenger, searching, and explore

New updates are introduced for the user on Instagram. The social media platform comes with an easy user interface. Facilities like Reels, Stories, Messenger, Shopping, Search, and Explore are available for the user on the social media platform Instagram.

Instagram Reels

On Instagram, the user gets the facility to create and view reels. Apart from this, the user also gets the facility to share shorts. Here users can create multi-clip videos of up to 90 seconds. If the user wants, he can also upload the video from the gallery.


AR filters and audio are available on the platform. To make reels, the user not only gets a hands-free record but also gets the facility to adjust the speed. The user also gets access to the Instagram music library to create a reel. Apart from this, the user can also use the original audio.

Instagram Stories

Through Instagram Story, the user can capture the special moments of his daily life. Users also get the option to pin their special moments with their profile on the platform. The special thing is that the story shared on Instagram gets removed exactly after 24 hours. Not only this, but users also get options like a boomerang and super zoom to make their videos playful.

Instagram Messenger

Using Instagram, the user can send messages, photos, and videos to friends. Apart from Instagram, these media files can also be sent to Facebook. There is also an option to add effects and captions. Apart from this, the facility of using video chat is also available. Through video chat, users can watch a reel together with their friends and family.

Instagram Shopping

Users are also given the option to shop from their favorite brands and creators on Instagram. The platform allows users to tap on product tags and buy items by adding them to the wishlist. Apart from this, if the user likes a product, he can also go to the option of Save it now or buy it later. The user is also given the facility of Meta Pay for payment after shopping.

Instagram Search & Explore

On Instagram, the user gets the facility to search and explore. Users can search photos, reels, and accounts related to the topic to get information on their favorite topic.

Safety features of Instagram

Different tools are offered to make Instagram a secure social media platform.

Family Tools – Under Family Tools, the Platform provides the facility of Parents Guide and Family Center. Her parents are told about the safety features while their children use Instagram.

Account Security- For the security of the user’s account, the facility of two-factor authentication is provided on the social media platform Instagram.

Privacy Feature – Under the privacy feature, the user can make his account private. With its help, the user gets the facility to remove any followers, access and download their data, and delete posts.

Apart from this, the user also gets the facility to block unknown people. If the user does not want to block another user, then he can also go to the options like Delete Comments, Turn off Commenting, Mute An Account, and Restrict An Account.

Report- Given the security of the user’s account, an option is also given to report on the platform. With the help of this safety tool, the user can go to the option of Report Posts, Report Accounts, Report Comments, and Report Messages if needed.

Instagram introduced these new features this year

Broadcast Channels- Instagram introduces the Broadcast Channels feature for its users. The new chat feature has been introduced by the company in January this year. The Broadcast Channel feature has been introduced especially for creators.

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