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How to apply for Twitter Blue Tick? Learn step by step process here…

Ever since businessman Elon Musk bought Twitter, there have been constant changes in it. Recently there was news that Twitter’s user interface will change soon. Earlier, where people used to get a blue badge on Twitter only after getting verified.

Twitter Blue Tick Subscription Price

At the same time, it has changed with colors like gray and gold. Under the new rule, if you want to get Blue Tick on Twitter, you will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue every month. However, you can quickly get Blue Tick in your account by paying $8. Although Twitter Blue is not yet launched in India, some users subscribe to Twitter Blue through VPN, and the performance is getting a blue tick.

How to get Twitter Blue Tick?

To get Blue Tick on Twitter, first, you must log in to your account on Twitter. Then, because Twitter Blue has yet to be launched in India, you must download VPN through the Google search engine. As soon as you download the VPN and change your server from India to any other country, the ‘Twitter Blue’ option appears below your Twitter.

Note you will see these options with a VPN. After this, you have to click on the choice of Twitter Blue and fill in the details asked here. Here you have to fill in the payment-related information. Instead of India on the requested address, you have to enter the address of the USA or wherever you are entering the location.

How to apply for Twitter Blue Tick? Learn step by step process here…
How to apply for Twitter Blue Tick? Learn step by step process here…

If you enter an address or location in India, your payment will be canceled, and you will not receive a subscription to Twitter Blue as the service has yet to be launched in India. While filling in the payment details, enter the address and zip code carefully and then make the payment. After making the payment, you will be notified that your Twitter Blue subscription has been successful. After a few days, Blue Tech will start appearing in your account.

These unique features will be available on Twitter Blue

Users will be given special features in Twitter Blue instead of average Twitter. In Twitter Blue, you will find top trends, news, and long videos; you can even upload videos in Full HD. You will get great features like undoing and editing tweets in Twitter Blue.

Note once you pay for Twitter Blue, you will get the Blue badge after some time. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for seven days because Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that this time the verification will not be done automatically but by humans.

Keep this in mind If you subscribe to Twitter Blue using a VPN, be aware that your Twitter Blue subscription may be canceled when Twitter checks your address and finds it incorrect, and your payment will be forfeited. So you can subscribe to Twitter Blue through VPN only after thinking. Also, in the coming time, when Twitter Blue is launched in India, it will be launched in India at a lower price than in the US.

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