Holi 2023 Folk Songs: The festival of colors will be decorated with folk songs, apart from Maithili Thakur, songs of these singers will be heard

Indian classical music has a rich tradition of Holi singing. This festival of colors has faded without the folk songs sung in the various ragas produced by it. From Braj to Awadh and Banaras, there are many colors of Holi, there are picturesque scenes. In the fun of Holi, thumri empress Girija Devi’s fugues are tied, while in Masana, the colors of Holi scenes are added to the tunes of Channulal Mishra, honored with Padma Vibhushan. New successors of this tradition of Holi music are now shining and taking forward the tradition of Holi folk songs. Aarti Tiwari’s article …

Kaushiki Chakraborty

When the pace of his steps started to waver, the rhythm of his notes had settled. Dadra Rang Pichkari Mat Maro Kanhai by Kaushiki Chakraborty, daughter of Pandit Ajay Chakraborty, one of the distinguished personalities of Hindustani classical music, compels you to blindly paint yourself in the colors of this song.

Maithili Thakur

Pandit Chhannulal Mishra, the main singer of Kirana Gharana and Banaras Gayaki, has no match for the famous folk song ‘Digambar Khele Masane Mein Hori’, but when only 22-year-old Maithili Thakur decorates this song of his own, then it is felt that the young generation music Understanding the depth of

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Parul Mishra

Parul Mishra, who has cemented her voice in Hindustani classical music, creates a beautiful harmony of simplicity and music. His bandish in Raag Kafi, Aaj Khelo Shyam Sang Hori, takes you straight to Barsana. Now his voice is being heard in Hindi cinema as well.

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Trina Chatterjee

Trina Chatterjee’s raag Basant Mein Gaya Piya Sang Kheloon Holi, a Hindustani classical music genre, Rabindra Sangeet, attracts maestros as well. Trina Chatterjee, who was the voice of All India Radio at the age of 15, is proficient in a rainbow of ragas like Raag Bhairavi, Raag Yaman, Raag Pahari, etc.

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Reshma and Ramya

Just as music is incomplete without rhythm, so is the duet of these sisters. When Reshma and Ramya sing ‘Hori Khelat Nandlal’ from their great musician father Pandit Balwant Rai Bhatt’s masterpiece ‘Bhavrang’ in Raga Adana, the music waves are percolating.

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