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Hold Tight on ‘Netflix’ Well Played Mystery Series:

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Based on the same-named Harlan Coben novel, the series delves into a mystery that shakes everyone in Warsaw’s happy-go-lucky neighborhood to their core. But there’s much more to this case than anyone (including ourselves) anticipated.

Whether you enjoy fascinating mysteries or want to see one of Coben’s most famous stories brought to life, this is a book you won’t want to miss. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Hold Tight, a brand new Netflix original series.

Hold Tight on 'Netflix' Well Played Mystery Series:
Hold Tight on ‘Netflix’ Well Played Mystery Series:

Hold Tight tells the story of Anna Barczyk, a mother who sets out on a perilous journey to recover her son, Adam, who went missing not long after his friend was discovered dead. Anna looks for answers in uncharted places, some of which threaten her own life, to find out where her child is. Regardless, she sets out to discover the truth and, perhaps, locate her son.

Hold Tight on ‘Netflix’ Well Played Mystery Series:

Anna Barczyk, Adam’s tragedy-stricken guardian, is played by Magdalena Boczarska, who starred in The King of Warsaw. There are even more excellent actors alongside Boczarska.

Hold Tight has the following cast members:

Pawel Kopinski is played by Grzegorz Damiecki.
Kaja Kopinska is played by Agata Labno.
Borys Gajewicz is played by Miroslaw Zbrojewicz.
Blazej Myszkowski is played by Jakub Pruski.
Adam Barczyk is played by Krzysztof Oleksyn.
Laura Goldsztajn is played by Agnieszka Grochowska.
In addition to Grochowska, Leszek Lichota (Autumn Girl) plays Michal Barczyk in the drama series.

On Netflix today, there are six episodes of the series to watch, all of which are under an hour long. If you’re looking for a quick binge, hop over to the streaming platform and watch every second of Hold Tight.

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