Hey guys today i am going to explain about some amazing movies name. if you didn’t see this movies than you should must watch this movies.

1. Masaan

This amazing movie is Directed by debutante Neeraj Ghaywan and written by comic stand-up Varun Grover, the film recreates the environment of Varanasi. Masaan literally translates as the site of final rites for the deceased, especially in Varanasi where the dead are burned on the banks of the Ganga.

The film follows four principal characters and their story – a small-town girl discovering her sexuality, a father trying to raise enough money to pay a hefty bribe, and a love story between lovers of different castes. You could smell the movie’s earthy connection with its characters. And I personally suggest you go and watch this amazing movie.


This is also one of the amazing movies so if you didn’t watch this movie now then you should go and watch it. This movie is directed by Anurag Kashyap psychological thriller and has an amazing variety of characters good enough for three or four Bollywood films.

A little girl gets abducted while she’s accompanying her father. The story of how all the adults connected to the incident try to milk it for their own gain, forms the rest of the narrative. Ugly delves into how ugly humankind can get when the going gets desperate. This is Kashyap’s most taut thriller by far.

3. Ankhon Dekhi

This movie is literally just wow Rajat Kapoor is the director of this movie. movie is a testament to Sanjay Mishra’s supreme acting prowess. Mishra plays an aging patriarch who relieves himself from the duties of the breadwinner of the family post-retirement and starts musing on many of his life-long beliefs. He gets addicted to poker and refuses to believe in anything he hasn’t seen through his own eyes.

The rest of the story follows the kind of turns his life takes when people question his newly-found philosophy. Ankhon Dekhi manages something few Hindi films aim for, it is profound. This movie is included in the list of my favorite movie so you also go and watch and include this movie on the list of your favorite movie.

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