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Hawkeye In India! See How He’s Enjoying His Time Here In The Scorching Heat!

No doubt, India is an incredible country. And everyone who visits India agrees with this statement! Many Hollywood actors have visited India before and our very own Avenger, Hawkeye, played by the actor Jeremy Renner in all the movies of Avengers and in Captain America: Civil War, is added to the list of those actors.

Like every other actor who visited and praised India, Jeremy Renner to is having an amazing time in India, clearly shown in the photo below. He is currently in Rajasthan, having fun interacting with the locals and instead of having a bow and arrow in his hand, he carried a bat and was seen playing gully cricket with the kids from the Alwar city. A superstar like him cannot go unnoticed and thus, the crowd gathered around the actor to watch him play cricket.

The photograph which he posted had a small caption that read as follows,

“What a blessing of life to discover, learn, and be inspired by people and places across this planet!”

Everyone deserves a small vacation for relaxation but there’s a small curiosity among the fans of Marvel Cinemas as to whether the actor is here in India for a holiday or for the next project! Before sharing this photograph of him in Rajasthan, he also shared a post from the capital of India, Delhi, where he was served an Avenger–themed dessert! And for this post, he wrote.

Hawkeye In India! See How He’s Enjoying His Time Here In The Scorching Heat!
Hawkeye In India! See How He’s Enjoying His Time Here In The Scorching Heat!

“Another Avenger added… Name and superpower please?”

The craze for all the Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe is very high in India and now, Jeremy Renner has also experienced the same. Not only him, but actors like Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Brolin (Thanos) from the Marvel Cinemas have also visited India in the past and had enjoyed their time even though it was for a small period and they came for the purpose of shooting for their films.

Apart from them, actor Will Smith, after his controversy in the Oscars 2022, visited India for refreshments and had a good time here.

India has been a great host to every foreign person, be it a famous celebrity or a foreign student studying here. And that’s the best part about India!

What would you have done if you were in Alwar city and stood in front of the actor? Would you ask for a selfie, autograph like others, or played cricket with him and keep the memory in your lifetime collection? Leave your reply in the comment section below and make sure to stay in touch with us for more such updates!

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