Hailey Baldwin Was Seen In White Bikini While Promoting His Beauty Line Rhode!

Hailey Baldwin Update: There are a lot of celebrities who have tried their hand in some different parts of business apart from their modeling or acting or singing career. Most celebrities are under the line of makeup or something related to the beauty campaign started by them.

Among them is the great name of Hollywood which has started its business to give the best of the product to fans and their clients. Talking about any such celebrity then Hailey Baldwin has become one as she was seen in a crop top for the beauty campaign of Rhode.

The 25-year-old model Hailey Baldwin was recently seen getting some attention on 3 September through a new promo video of her beauty line called Rhode.

In this video, she was seen wearing a white crop tank top with white underwear that was looking very ravishing on her. With no wonder, a lot of fans got astonished by her look as she was looking like a mermaid.

Hailey Baldwin Was Seen In White Bikini While Promoting His Beauty Line Rhode!
Hailey Baldwin Was Seen In White Bikini While Promoting His Beauty Line Rhode!

She was seen wearing white socks with green stripes while posing for her product that was laid on the floor. Her hair was open while she was giving a confident look to the camera as her whole look was getting a lot of attention.

In the videos, we have seen her sitting on the floor and then standing near her product in natural makeup. It was always a target wish for Hailey Baldwin to show the secret behind her amazing skin and she did it with her beauty line called Rhode.

Talking about Rhode then: “Rhode is a line of curated skincare essentials. each formula is made with intentional, high-performance ingredients at efficacious levels that nourish your skin barrier, giving instant dewy glow and improving the look and feel of skin over time.”

When this video was shared on social media a lot of fans quickly responded to it and share their thoughts. Some people said that they can’t wait to buy the product while others said that Hailey Baldwin is looking so beautiful.

Before getting all the attention from this promo video, Hailey Baldwin was seen making headlines with her husband and talking about having kids in the future. According to the 16th August interview or chat, she said that Justin Bieber is the person that she wants to be in rush back to.

She said that she might be able to fly somewhere and work there but can’t wait to come back home and hang out with him.

Continuing her words Hailey Baldwin said that he is her best friend and still does a lot of work that goes in her favor.

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