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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3: Quick recap of what the gang was upto in the MCU

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. The release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is just a month away. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming movie will once again see the guardians gather for an exciting adventure. This is the third installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. The previous two were released in 2014 and 2017. Let’s not rush to the cinemas in anticipation of the movie. Let us go backward and recall what happened in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. For a quick recap, read on.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Recap

The Guardians met their first time in prison, in case you didn’t know. It’s not the most comfortable of places but it makes for an interesting meeting-cute for a movie about misfits. Gamora wanted an orb, but Star-Lord took it from her. Rocket and Groot were bounty hunters who were on the trail, and she attempted to steal it. Drax, the big man was already in prison when they arrived.

Star-Lord, Gamora, and Gamora are both behind the orb. Drax plans to kill Gamora’s evil brother Ronan who murdered the former’s family. Rocket and Groot are skilled at getting out of prison. This is how the Guardians get together to escape prison.

How Guardians Saved the Galaxy

Rocket, Gamora, and Drax join forces to stop Ronan’s plan to destroy the entire planet using the Infinity Stones inside the orb. They fight Ronan and his goons, as well as Gamora’s sister Nebula. Groot is killed in battle by the Guardians, but he eventually defeats him. Star-Lord takes the Infinity Stone from Gamora and Drax and can use his power to kill Ronan.

G amora’s Star-Lord and Gamora’s Father Issues

Both Star-Lord and Gamora likely had major daddy issues. Gamora’s adoptive father, Thanos, is the evilest villain in MCU. Thanos is out to get all six Infinity Stones. Gamora is working secretly against her father Thanos and her brother Ronan throughout the mission to ensure they fail. We also see Nebula fighting Thanos towards the end of The Guardians of the Galaxy. This opens up the possibility that Gamora and Gamora could work together against their father.

We now come to Star-Lord who is probably the most troubled by daddy issues in MCU. Star-Lord, who was born Peter Quill, was abducted from Earth as a young boy shortly after his mother’s passing. The Ravagers raised him, i.e. Yondu was raised by the Ravagers, i.e. We see Yondu confessing to his colleague towards the end of The Guardians of the Galaxy and telling him that they didn’t keep their promise to deliver Peter back to his father. We also learn that Peter was not killed by the infinity stones partly because his father wasn’t human but a descendant of a rare alien race.

Infinity Stones

In the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos tries to obtain all six Infinity Stones to destroy the galaxy and take control. The stones can be found in many different worlds, and they have been featured in several MCU movies. One of the Infinity Stones was used in Avengers: Age of Ultron to bring Vision back to life.

This was the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. For a quick overview of Vol. 2.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) Recap

Our beloved misfit team is now working together to defend a cache of valuable and powerful batteries from an interdimensional monster called the Sovereign. This is a race of genetically engineered clones. They receive an award once they defeat Ayesha the monster. Gamora’s sister Nebula is the one who received it. After she attempted to steal the batteries, the Sovereign captured her.

The rocket had other ideas while the team tried to save the batteries. Rocket saves some batteries, forcing the team to abandon the plan and run from the Sovereign fleet.

Meet the dad

They attempt to escape but are attacked by drones that force them to do a warp jump. Their ship is damaged and crashes onto a forest planet. The figure’s ship crashes into a forest planet near them, and he introduces himself to Peter as Ego.

Peter is lost and confused. Gamora, on the other hand, knows what this means for Peter and pushes him along with his father. After some time, Ego agreed to provide shelter for Rocket, Drax, and Groot, while keeping an eye out for Nebula. They go on a walk while their ship is being repaired. Mantis, a young alien who is naive, meets the group and uses his empathic abilities to help Ego fall asleep at night.

Yondu returns

After learning that Yondu Udanta was involved in child trafficking, the Ravagers expelled him. Ayesha has hired him to find Peter’s ship, and then corner Rocket and Groot. Nebula tricks Groot to free her after a mutiny. Yondu loses the ability to use his bow because his cranial fin is destroyed. Rocket, Yondu, and Groot are captured.

Ego’s great evil plan

Ego, while everyone else is busy fighting their own battles reveals his plans for Peter. Ego wants to terraform every other planet in the universe. He will destroy all forms of life and replace them with his copies. He needs help from another Celestial to make this plan a success. He then proceeded to immunize female species from different planets. Yondu was then asked to retrieve his children. Ego was the only one who shared his passion. He was moved by Peter’s story of living and holding the infinity stones.

Final Battle

Ego activates Peter’s celestial power, activating the seedlings that he has planted throughout the Galaxy. This is the end of all planets in the universe. Peter asks his father questions about Meredith (his mother) and whether he truly loved her. Ego admits that love exists, but that he was afraid, to tell the truth. This is why he planted his tumor. Peter is furious and attacks Ego.

Gamora and Nebula, on the other hand, are fighting one another but they reach an alliance and find a mass grave containing the remains of Ego and his other children. The whole team, Yondu, and Nebula work together to stop Ego. Rocket builds a bomb to destroy Ego’s mind using the Sovereign batteries. Guardians are now ready to flee after the destruction of the planet.

The End

Yondu makes a sacrifice to save Peter while he is escaping. Yondu is buried by the Guardians, and his ashes are scattered throughout the stars. Gamora and Nebula make peace before Gamora fights Thanos. More Ravager ships warp to learn of Yondu’s heroics via Rocket. The Ravagers finally embrace Yondu as one of their own and pay their last respects to a friend who is gone.

Ayesha plans an act of vengeance and creates a weapon named ‘Adam’ to destroy the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Plot

The new volume is about Peter’s Endgame loss to Gamora. He now has to save the universe. The old Gamora, who has time-traveled to become part of the gang, is his companion. It could be their last chance to live.

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