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Google Defeats Privacy Lawsuit over Policy By Consumer

Alphabet incorporated Google beaten by a privacy lawsuit by consumers who accused the company of poking around his web activity without his promotion. The District Judge of the United States dismissed the claim that Google tract Personal information like browsing history and IP(Internet Protocol) address. Even the users are off the Sync option in google chrome and don’t have an account. Judge Rogers gave the final verdict by saying, “Google appropriately reveals, and plaintiffs permit the collection of the issue data.” The judge also gives the verdict on another case involving the browser Chrome.

Google Defeats Privacy Lawsuit over Policy By Consumer
Google Defeats Privacy Lawsuit over Policy By Consumer

The issue was regarding Incognito Mode, which lets the user do web surfing privately. However, this feature has been used by millions of people. But several users claim that giant companies monitor your data even you on Incognito Mode. The users using the feature get the satisfaction of being safe and having no one watching it. The tech giant has always been resilient about its security feature. Still many complaints against the tech giant snooping on our data. Google spokesperson was quick to respond regarding the matter. Said, “In 2024, they will remove the third-party advertisement that helps in tracking web movements and won’t employ another option to employ.”

Is Google Tracking us?

On May 2021, the jury asked the same question to Google CEO(Chief Executive Officer) Sundar Pichai under oath. Sundar Pichai has yet to give a direct answer. Eventually, given the answer to the question YES. His official Statement was, “If you have permitted Google, then yes, it is.” Indirectly we permit the organization through G-mail, Maps, or G-Pay. The vast majority of the audience believes tech giant collects Big Data in daily life. We are monitoring our data without our consent.

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